Thursday, July 17, 2014

Math Daily 3 {FREEbie}

Hi, Friends! How are ya? It’s been a long, fun vacay day…….BUT, I wanted to be sure to keep my promise to share the labels I’ll be using this year to organize math stations. I’ve been working to wrap my mind around changing the way I teach math and I think I’ve finally got it! Thinking of following a format of guided groups for math is a big change for me, but one I think will benefit my firsties well. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone, right? Well, stay tuned folks because this year…… friends and I are headed waaaaaay out of my comfort zone! And it’s gonna be UH-mazing!


Click here to read a great post from my friend Katie about how she uses daily math journals in her classroom. She was the one that helped it all to finally “click” for me!


If the explanations for the labels are a little fuzzy…no worries! I’ll be posting lots of pics of them again “in action” ASAP.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve already been printing, laminating and planning away for the new school year. Thanks to my friends that stopped by and grabbed the labels for literacy stations. Click HERE to grab the labels for math.  They were each created to coordinate with the Classroom Couture {Black and White Décor} that I’ll also be using this year.


Click the pic to take a closer look OR you can visit my TPT shop to find this little packet of goodies already listed. Enjoy these last few weeks! Day 1 will be here before you know it! 

Laters, gators!
Freebie Fridays

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Setting up for Success…{FREEBIE}

...starts with getting our classroom ready for learning! After coming out of a Netflix coma….and noticing the calendar has flipped to July, I’m feeling motivated to prep for the year ahead. For me, that always starts with planning for how we’ll use the classroom. Today……a little of it blew up in my living room!

I’ve done some sort of take on a rainbow FOR.EV.ER….this year, I decided to shake it up a bit! Simple. Back to basic. Black and white with POPS of bright colors…..Here’s a little sneak peek of what it will look like!


I love splashing labels everywhere to help create a print rich environment. These will also help to guide my planning for stations too!


Students will have two choices of areas to sit to complete word work. Each of the two metal bins will house crayons, a glue stick, pencils and highlighters to use in their poetry journals. The pink bin will hold the poem of the week. Student numbers are added to the top right corner of poems. This ensures each student only takes ONE and also lets me know who is skipping adding new poems to their journal!

A tissue box will also be added to the top of each shelf in our classroom. No need to walk around the room. A tissue is always close at hand to cover sneezes and all things oozing! LOL!


Our station shelves and bins are all from Target. I found these bins today! I absolutely LOVE them for stations! They are just the right size to house papers laying flat, have sturdy handles for little hands to carry and fit PERFECTLY onto the wire baking racks that I use for shelving. Everything that students need to complete a work station activity will be housed in the bin. Bin #2 will house poetry journals for the entire year.


This is our Borrow Box. It holds all the “little things” that little fingers may misplace, lose or drop on the floor around the room. When they’re found, they’re placed in the Borrow Box. Extras hang out there too, just in case there is a need for an extra glue stick, pencil….etc….. There are books hiding in the top drawer right now. They’ll find a new home once the time comes to unpack and actually put the room together.

Wanna see a little more?


Work on Writing….notice a trend yet? Everything AWESOME comes from Target! I think my car may actually be auto-programmed to go there when I’m looking for goodies for the classroom, the house, clothes….let’s just say, I spend way too much time there {and I like it}! Ha!


My stacking drawer organizer is safely packed up in my classroom waiting to be let out of its little box. There are two bins labeled identically because one stays at the writing station table while the other one goes to another table for students to work on writing. The label attached to the left and right side will indicate to students where to place the caddy back on the table. The little note on the floor in front of each caddy will be taped down to the writing station table.

Initially, I was a little worried about using black….I thought it might be too dark, BUT I am loving the way things are shaping up!

If you’re following on FB, I promised a little FREEBIE earlier today. Like the labels? You can grab them by clicking HERE and put them to use setting your kids up for success! These pieces will coordinate with the larger classroom décor set that I’m working on getting wrapped up. Let me know…what do ya think of it so far? I know that you may not use things in the exact same way that I do, so you can click HERE to grab an editable version of the labels. Just add text boxes, print and laminate!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy these next few weeks!

Freebie Fridays

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Treat for the LAST day of school

Hi Friends! How are ya? These first few days of summer have flown by! It’s been full of fun surprises. In the midst of enjoying the summer sun, my teacher brain is still spinning away! I thought I’d drop in today to share how we ended the year on a sweet note!

I was recently introduced to Treat’s {a division of Shutterfly} awesome site! If you know me personally or have hung around the blog for any length of time, you know I LOVE pictures, photographs, snapshots! Whatever you call them; if there’s a camera present….I’m snappin’ it! I love capturing memories!

Capturing memories is so much fun. Actually getting the images out of your phone or camera onto print or a special gift is even better!


I love ending the year by giving my kiddos a little something to remember our year together. This year, I chose a personalized greeting card that fit our class’ personality perfectly!


My class of mostly boys was all about a little friendly competition, games, fun, ninjas, and MORE games!


When it came time to select a card that would fit our class….and I saw one that resembled a video game, I knew it was the one! I tried to keep them a secret until later in the day, but judging by my friend’s artwork, I believe a few of them might’ve gotten a sneak peek!


We used the cards as “complimats” to shower friends with compliments! As part of our wrap-up to a fantastic year, students brainstormed a list of quick sayings to jot down on friends’ cards, if they needed a little help. We talked about things friends could say that made us feel warm and fuzzy…..then we were off to spread a little love through compliments, smiles, taking turns and lots of chit chat.


The message on both the outside and inside of the cards was able to be customized. My kiddos were all smiles seeing favorite phrases that we use in our classroom on a daily basis and proud to take this sweet reminder of their classmates home at the end of the day!

The best thing about this wonderful site, is it’s something that we can not only use at school, but in our daily lives too! As you frolic on the beach or simply enjoy your family at home, keep snapping those memories. When you’re ready to bounce them out of your camera, don’t forget to make a special TREAT for someone you love with them. You’ll be glad you did!


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