Sunday, January 27, 2013


If you recognize these guys, chances are you’ve become just as addicted to this show as I have! These guys are HI.LAR.I.OUS!!! The rerun marathons on A&E are the best! Did I mention they are laugh out loud funny!

I felt like they made a quick visit to our classroom last week!

photo 1

We have an awesome GT teacher on our campus that just so happens to be located on the first grade hallway. Wellll, once she got wind of us studying animal groups, she offered up a few goodies to share.  We had been comparing and contrasting animal groups. We had no idea by week’s end, we’d be comparing and contrasting them from the inside out!
The kids absolutely LOVED it! This was also a big step for me because I am not a huge animal lover. Don’t hold it against me. In fact, I have several, (mostly) irrational fears when it comes to animals, so for me to even use these items was a BIG STEP!

So as to not step too far out of my comfort zone, I had the GT students in my class share and deliver the lesson to explain all of the goodies! This was probably the best text-to-world connection we’ve made all year and they had a hap-py, hap-py, hap-py time!  We even visited {completely interrupted} my bestie’s class to share deer, hawk, raccoon, feathers, and skulls with her class too!

photo 5

We laughed, learned, and had a WILD TIME! That’s a fact, Jack! Lol!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Let’s Catch Up & a FREEBIE!

Hi, Friends! How are ya?

I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday! While my family and I are enjoying the inauguration coverage, I thought I’d share what we’ve been up to in the classroom.

As we returned to start the new year, routines changed just a little.  Students are expected to do a little more independently and academics begin to move at a faster pace {because there’s so much to squeeze in}.

photo 2

One of the little things that changes is our morning work routine. During the first semester, students are expected to come in, unpack, read to self, then reflect on their book in a journal. As we’ve become more independent readers, morning work goes just a bit deeper. Now, in addition to checking in, they must also read and follow directions to complete specific tasks.  These tasks will take just a little longer and will spiral/review reading skills.

photo 3  photo 1

We’ve also begun focusing on long vowel patterns. Sneaky e has been a lot of fun! Along with it, we’ve introduced other long vowel patterns too. This little ‘long i’ discussion quickly turned into a doodling session…

photo 5

…that carried over into Science! I absolutely love when cross curricular connections are made! It makes the day at school such a snap when one idea crosses over from subject to subject! We’re currently engrossed in studying objects in the sky and were focused on what makes day and night last week. Hence our cute little snowmen…

These guys also took a long time to make, which was good……considering we also had to get through mid-year TPRI testing! Whew! I’m so glad that’s over! Now I can get back to the business of actively interacting with my kiddos…

photo 4

…because they’re head over heels in love with comparing and contrasting!  If your firsties might enjoy a quick activity to discuss what’s alike and different about day and night, click the pic below to grab the venn diagram we used.


Enjoy the rest of your holiday!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Bloggy Goodness

Hi, Friends! How are ya?
I’m so excited about my new blog design done by the fantastic team over at The Honey Bunch! They really are a group of the some of the sweetest mind-reading ladies that you’d ever want to work with. 

I’m totally in love with the new design and it feels much more like walking into my classroom. Stay tuned! If you’d like to have them sprinkle a little magic over your blog, visit their site by clicking the credits below. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Magical Product Swapportunity

Hi, Friends! How are ya?  Happy Saturday afternoon! Are you ready for another magical product swap? I know I am! Mrs. Stanford’s linkies are always BIG fun!

For this go ‘round I had the chance to swap with Melissa from DillyDabbles.  Don’t you just love that name? That alone should give you and idea of how much fun visiting her oober cute blog would be! She dabbles in a little of this and that to help her littles grow during their early elementary years.  I love the guided reading tips she offers too!


I also *LOVE* that she’s a teeny bit indecisive, LIKE ME! Since she had a little trouble making up her mind about which product to share….I’ve got TWO to bloggy brag about!

The first one is a collection of word wall songs. Aren’t you always looking for great ways to teach sight words and to bring attention to the classroom word wall? Well, her word wall song pack will have you singing~literally~all the way through your word wall time!


Though I love music and can hum a tune or two, I’ve never tried actually writing a song! This packet of goodies is great for singing the word wall and the repetition has really helped my firsties to spell those tricky sight words correctly. 

The second dillydabble {*LOVE* that word!} that I got to sample was a collection of clipart.  Who can have too much clipart?! And clipart to engage boys at that! I was so excited to put these little cuties to use!  Here’s what I’ve prepped with it so far…

ballwithgluedsoundsfreebie {Clipart courtesy of DillyDabbles}

If you use Wilson Fundations Phonics program, you may have glued sounds coming up soon. We’ll be extending them into Daily 5 by using glued sounds ang, ing, ong, and ung in a pocket chart sort. The clipart will help struggling readers to be successful at the sort as well by allowing them to self check their work.

Melissa’s Sports Ball Pack contains illustrations for over 50 balls in different colors and includes the black and white line art for coloring activities! I’m always looking for ways to engage my boys and these great graphics were just the thing to do it! Each ball is illustrated in different fun colors to grab the attention of the sports loving girlies in your class too! =)

Well, that’s it for this go~round. I’m off to check out what goodies other friends swapped and shared! Hop over to DillyDabbles to check out my featured goodie at her blog too! And if you like her products as much as I did, please click the pic or the name of the item she shared to visit her TPT shop. 

Her graphics were too cute not to share! You can have a ball with glued sounds too by clicking the pic of the pocket chart sort to grab it for your firsties! Enjoy the freebie & happy blog hopping friends!

Classroom Freebies Too

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Winners~Thanks, ladies!



Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments! Happy 2013, friends! Don’t forget to check your email!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome back…{say what}?!!!

Hi there! How are ya?

I woke up this morning to a real shocker! I actually HAVE to be back at work TOMORROW! Where exactly did Christmas vacation go? I can honestly say, we’ve enjoyed this break so much it completely slipped my mind that I actually have to be back at work tomorrow. Luckily, it will be a teacher workday with students returning on Monday! Whew! Because I absolutely DID NOT think of going up over the break to accomplish anything!

Thank heavens, for my principal’s email or she might’ve been calling to find me in the morning! Well, now that I’m working on getting my bahunkus….{That’s a word, right?}….in gear, here’s a little of what we’ll be diving into to start the new year!

                                     photo 1 photo 2

In Math, we’ll be reviewing concepts including coins. Our standards for money seem way too simple and are only slotted for 7 days out of the entire school year! How long do you teach coins? Our standard states to identify coins and describe the relationship among them…no counting, no comparing amounts. Well, (come in close)…..we’re going to do just a bit of it anyway {whispering, lol}. 

BUT, since TX standards concentrate on identification at our grade level, we’ll have a little fun with it using these handy dandy cubes from Lakeshore Learning. Can you say, “teacher heaven”?  I just love their stuff!

Slide1{Clipart by Scrappin Doodles and Ginger Snaps}

You could also have students pull random coins from an empty tissue box or bag and match them to the marshmallow showing that same coin. If you’d like to use this little game, click the pic to grab it!
In other news, I finally finished working on my latest little packet of goodies for math stations! I swear it takes me forever to finish a packet! I admire those of you with hundreds of items in your stores and would love a tutorial on how to create a little faster sometime! We’ll be digging into this one in another week after we finish ringing in the new year.
Winter Workstations 2012

It actually feels like winter right now! Good thing I’ve got lots to do today because I’m not taking one step out of my door. It’s 48 degrees outside….in TX! Oh my! Real winter? Yikes!

You can click the pic to check it out at my TPT shop ANNNNNNND…leave your email address in the comments below. I’ll use random number generator to pick 3 friends to share this little packet of goodies with! It includes 6 activities to review math skills.
Happy New Year, bloggy buds….I’ll check back Saturday morning to name the winners!

Classroom Freebies Too

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CURRENTLY~Happy New Year!

Hi~ya, friends! How are ya?

I’ve just got in from New Year’s Eve service and am so excited, there’s no way I’m going to sleep anytime soon…..sooooo, I thought I’d catch up with Farley and her January installment of Currently!


There’s almost always music playing in my house. I could go without watching TV, but listening to music…NEVER! I’m listening to a song that we sang tonight during worship. It was on repeat in my head, so to itunes I went!

*LOVING* my family and church right now! The kiddies and I took a trip to OKC to spend the holidays with my siblings and it was awesome to have most of us together again! It was the first time our kids had seen each other in 5 long years, but you couldn’t tell by the way they played and laughed together. It’s amazing how genuine love can exceed the boundaries of time and distance.

My church is simply an amazing, inspirational place!

THINKING…My self diagnosed OCD must be under control because I didn’t clean my room before the new year came in! Oh, well! There’s always tomorrow….

WANTING…someone else to tackle my closet! Ha! Where, exactly does all of that stuff come from anyway? {wink, wink}

NEEDING…{absolutely} nothing! As I reflect over 2012, I am tremendously blessed. I lack nothing and am decidedly grateful for all that I have.

OLW (One Little Word)…GROW. It’s my focus for 2013. It goes right along with my constant mantra. Keep moving forward.  You can’t grow focused on the past. I’m looking forward to all that 2013 has to offer!

See ya soon”, bloggy buds & HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! 


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