Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today was our first day of school and it couldn’t have gone any better! It was a great first day!  The kids came in excited.  Our day flowed.  We played games. We sang.  We danced.  We got to know each other a little better.  It was just a great day!

photo 3

One of the first routines that we learn is how to take the lunch count.  The wall space in my classroom is precious real estate, so as much as possible, I try to incorporate things we don’t need to look at all day digitally.

Each kiddo has an apple with their name on it.  Our cafeteria makes two main dishes daily from which students have to choose.  If they brought in a lunchbox, their apple is moved to the first sticky note.  Each afternoon, I google…..Google is a verb, right?…. an image that resembles what will be served the following day and label it on the second and third sticky note.  As students unpack, they go to the board and indicate their choice for the day.  They start the day with a quick touch of technology and then move to their desks for skills practice, reading, and reflecting.

As they’re completing morning work, I document it in an excel spreadsheet and send it off to the cafeteria.

I really dislike the “training” part of the school year, simply because I get tired of the sound of my own voice! EEKKK! It’s like…do this, don’t do that, walk this way….don’t touch that!  Quiet, please! Classity, class….yessity, yes! Blah, blah, blah…..

I know its necessary, I just hate having to talk so much, lol! Its just so much easier once routines are established.  We do take lots of time to practice and model and reflect on our classroom procedures during these first few important weeks, so that we can rock and roll full speed ahead once they’ve been learned.

Speaking of procedures! I introduced Read to Self today and we practiced building our stamina! Can you say….*LOVE*! I am pumped to be implementing Daily 5 this year and am already amazed at the amount of work and time its saving me! Praise.The.Lord!!!! I just wanted to cry watching my little inspirations sit quietly with their book boxes! Amazing!

photo 2

Lesson plans are complete and on display.  If we don’t get to all of it, its fine.  What’s most important this week is that we establish routines and work to become a school family.  Standards will be covered to the depth and rigor required of mastery for students, but we can’t do that until we establish the baseline of caring for each other. As Heather would say, you can’t reach their heads until you’ve touched their hearts!

photo 1

One of the last, and most important goodies that I prepped to begin the year was my dismissal chart.  Usually, I’ve laminated and written on some commercially made poster, but not this year! One of my fab coworkers made this little cutie and I just couldn’t resist! I’ve been trying to encourage her to get in touch with her inner/creative techy, heheeheee! Soooo, being that she created something she was very proud of, I couldn’t resist using it too!  Didn’t she do a good job?

Well, friends, after the excitement of the first day…we came home and CRASHED.HARD!!! Got in from work around 6, crashed on the sofa until around 8:30…had dinner at 9 and now, I’m up with 2nd day jitters blogging away, lol!

This girlie is gonna head to bed and rest up for a fantastic, day 2.   Enjoy the beginning of your school year and I’ll chat with ya soon! I’m so excited about my 22 newest little inspirations!

When a 6 year old asks you on the very first day of school if you would like for her to add more detail to her picture, you KNOW it’s going to be a great year!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


All I can say is, “WOW'”!!!  Meet the Teacher went soooooo well! I met each and every one of my newest little cuties tonight and I feel pumped! All the late nights and long hours of prepping the classroom were absolutely made worth it by seeing their enthusiastic, smiling, little faces!

There were so many smiles and familiar friends that stopped by to visit.  I love that Meet the Teacher is close to the end of the week!  It gives you just the boost you need in order to begin planning activities for the first week.

I even had a few students leave and come back just to be sure that they knew where to come on Monday, lol!

Being that I’m in  a “WOW’ kind of mood, I wanted to share a little something with my fab followers!


We’re moving from simple classroom management this year to developing principled habits! Yep!  Growth is good….

As a part of our classroom rewards system, each student will have a reward punch card. They will keep it in their pencil box. If they remain on Ready to Learn or clip up during the day, they will earn a single star punched as a reward (at the end of the day).  When they’ve had each star punched, they will be allowed to visit the treasure box.  The treasure box will hold various goodies and coupons for special privileges.

This post is a quickie.  I’ve got to figure out how to work everything in, now that it’s back to business.  Oh, how I love structure and a good routine! 

Best of luck to all my Texas bloggy buds getting ready for that very first day on Monday! You know the drill….click the pick to grab the cards!  Copy them onto cardstock or construction to add a little color or flare.

Have a fantabulous weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hi, Friends!  How are ya?

Boy! Is anybody as tired as I am? We started back to work this week and I have to say….man! I’m about to fall off of my feet! Our work week got off to a very inspiring start, but this night owl is struggling to stay away ALL.DAY.LONG.

I am super excited to have finished up a little project that has been a personal goal of mine for the past 3 years! That was really lonnnnnng term, huh?  All in due time, all in due time! 

Actually, I didn’t realize how BIG of a project it could turn out to be!

photo 3

Since I began teaching first grade, my goal has been to level my personal stash of books.  Well, the clock ticked and days passed.  They turned into weeks and well, quite frankly, those weeks turned into 3 school years that went by in a flash!

Enter….{content sigh}….and a wonderful feeling of relief here. =) Our fantabulous Instructional Coach asked our team what we would’ve liked the most to promote reading success and listened intently as requested “good fit books”.  When our little boxes came in this year, it felt like Christmas in August! What teacher doesn’t love receiving boxes full of books?

I know that there are many of you with huge, massive literacy libraries! Starting a new campus from the ground up, takes time to establish.  I’m so grateful to “level up” with my firsties this year! Seeing those bins sorted, labeled and ready for kids feels grrrrrreat!

  photo 4

Now, you might ask…why are those other bins on the floor?  Well, the story goes a little something like this:  the rack that holds them is on back order until O-C-T-O-B-E-R! Can you say “popular”? Totally annoyed! Jeez….so until then, on the floor they rest.

I kept going back and forth and researching how to organize my library this summer.  What I saw most often that offered the kids the most bang for their buck was a combination of leveled books and books organized by topic or genre.  I went with topic and I am looking forward to seeing them in the hands of my little class of emerging readers!

Did you notice that I finally put away that roll of blue butcher paper that was leaning against the wall?  Hehehehee. Well, praise the Lord for the amazing Cara Caroll!  Her tip to use painter’s tape and hot glue worked like a charm! I *LOVE* not having to look at an entire span of plain white wall!

Things still look a little bare because I feel like its oober important for the kids to help put the room together.  I set the backdrop and they fill it in as we build our classroom community.  Make sure to stay tuned to see what we have in store for the coming weeks!

Sorting and organizing all those books has got your girl beat!  My fingers and toes are crossed in hopes of receiving a class list tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

See ya” soon! 

Friday, August 17, 2012


Hi, Friends! How are ya?

Like a ref with a whistle, it’s official!  Today was the last day of summer! {Sigh…} The end of summer is always bittersweet. We’ve enjoyed the lazy days and wandering about as we wish, but just as soon as it came, now its also time for summer to go.

We’ve been working in the classroom for weeks.  Things are getting close to being done, so this weekend will be dedicated to some last minute fun!

photo 4

I’ve had that roll of paper propped against the cinder block wall hoping that somehow it will just jump up and hang itself! Enter the amazing Cara Carroll and her lifesaving tip!  She just moved into a room with cinder block walls and had the foresight to put painter’s tape on the back of the paper and hot glue the tape to the wall!

Can you say~GENIUS!?! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who she is, click here to read her fab post! The next time you see my library that little roll will will have found a home (on the wall).

DJ has  finally approved a gender neutral carpet.  I think he did a great job! Apparently, the pink & purple floral ones I kept picking out were not appealing to boys. The nerve….ha!

photo 1

I only have one cinder block wall. Sadly, we still cannot staple into the others.  Thank you, Target for feeling my pain.

photo 2

Cubbies are ready to go! I’ve got to add a little note to the take home bags and then they’ll be ready for kiddos! I was inspired by a photo at Liv to Teach to purchase these little guys.  My plan is to have students take their guided reading book home each night to read again.  I’m hoping {with fingers and toes crossed} that the sheer cuteness of these bags will encourage good care of the book inside and that they all continuously return to school.

Leave a comment with a tip or a great note resource, if you’ve been brave enough to try this before.  Thanks!


Want a great way to wrap up your summer?  Head over and  enter in the giveaway fun! Think…..oh, I won’t win! Stop it! You just might! I used to think that until I won 3 within a week’s time span. My head is still spinning!

I’m sure the UPS guy thought I was certifiable when he saw the grin on my face as he delivered my Easi Speak recorder!  Fluency testing will be much easier this year because of it.  I had a great time spending my TPT gift certificate too!

Dani is celebrating reaching 100+ followers and I’m telling you, you want to follow her blog.  She’s a techy phenom who  will share many amazing resources that you won’t want to miss!


400 Follower Giveaway

My TPT bud, Tammy, is celebrating reaching 400 followers at her absolutely adorable blog!  Bring out the bubbly! 

I’ve offered a choice of any 1 item from my TPT store as part of each of these giveaways.  Head on over and see what other awesome goodies you could win to use in your classroom this year.

Have fun! Later, Gator! =)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi, Friends!  How’ve you been?  Things have finally settled down some around here. 

I spent most of today in meetings, so my head is overflowing with information and ideas! What better way to unwind than by heading over to the blogosphere?

photo 1

Remember those binder labels I told you about? Notice my binders DO NOT have them yet?  I think my printer is possessed! It has picked the absolute worst time to be temperamental! It keeps stopping in the middle of a print job to tell me to INSTALL A PRINTER!!!! What the what is wrong with that crazy thing?!?

Ok, rant over….back to our regularly scheduled programming. Hehehe!

My team met today for the first time! It was fun to sit and laugh and talk and share for a while.  This is going to be a great year! 

See the vowels?

We’ll use these to eliminate, the infamous… “that’s my seat”, “I was sitting there” conversations. Students will be seated at the table in front of the same vowel each time they come to small group.  We can also use them for word play.

Yep! Got the idea from Pinterest! =)

photo 2

Behavior clip chart is up! I’ll be labeling the clips with student numbers soon.  I’ve decided to use numbers this year instead of their names.  I am believing that the heavens will open up and rain down a class of sweet angels, BUT just in case a clip has to be moved down as a warning….there’ll be no negativity associated with having their name attached to the clip.

photo 3

Library station is coming together.  I *LOVE* IKEA.  I also *LOVE* putting things together, BUT putting those darn leaves took me 3 days, lol! The first one anyway…..after I finally “got it”, it took me 5 minutes to put the other one together! Hilarious!

photo 5

AAAAAAAAAND, the Easi Speak that I won from Lori at Teaching With Love and Laughter came in the mail today! It’s so tiny and cute! It looks super simple to use and I think its going to become quite the valuable tool! So, excited!  Thanks, Lori!


Now, how about a freebie for my fab 400?  


Click the picture of the student directions card to grab it.  I hope you find it useful!  Teacher directions are also included in the GoogleDoc. Thanks for hopping by! I’ve just added a couple, three……five things to tomorrow’s “to do” list, so this girlie is off to go get some shut eye!

Bye bye, butterfly!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mrs. Dwyer is Missing!

Hi, Friends!  How are ya?  I started the week all pumped and ready to head into a freebie frenzy and then, BAM!!!! LIFE happened!

I’m not really missing, just {finally} enjoying the chaos that is my life!  Wanna know why?  See that little cutie patootie?  Let’s say it together, {awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww}!!!

photo 1 That little sweetie grew up to be just the best daughter EVER!

Without so much as a , hint, or clue that beautiful girl flew in to surprise me for my birthday!  Isn’t she just the best?! If I knew she was gonna be so flat out amazing, I might not have threatened to feed her to something when she was a teenager, lol!!! If you have a teenage daughter, I’m sure you can relate! Ha!

photo 4

Well, between being in awe of having time to spend with all 3 of my favorite peeps under the same roof,

photo 5


a fantastic women’s conference

photo 3

and dealing with insurance companies AND searching for a new car………………………….AND finally finding the perfect one………

{whew!!!!}……………………………………………….the little blog went a little neglected. BUT, I have not forgotten what I promised and still owe you a couple freebies! I’ll be sure to pay up, just as soon as her plane hits the sky on Monday morning.  Until then, I’m enjoying my girl.


I did, however, want to remind you about the big Back To School sale happening over at TPT! Be sure to check your wish lists and fill those carts.  I know I will! Everything in my little store will be on sale.  AND just because I adore you so, I extended my sale through Tuesday, August 14th.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll catch up with you next week with a few more freebies and updated classroom pics!

See ya later, alligator!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Fantastic Freebie Frenzy…

…continues!  Hi, Friends! How are ya?

Me?  I’m making it.  I’m in between appointments right now, but didn’t want to leave you without a fantastic freebie for today.  You may remember this little packet of goodies.

BOY Literacy Activities Preview

It’s my Beginning of the Year Literacy Activities packet.  You can even read a review about it here! As a thank you for following my little bloggity blog, I pulled one of the activities just for YOU!


It’s important for firsties to be able to change and manipulate sounds in order to read words.  For some of them, its very helpful if you can turn this type of activity into game play. You know us teachers, have to be really sneaky to get all of those all important skills in without it being blatantly “taught”.  Students learn most when they’re having fun!


After you’ve introduced this skill and practiced it some, place this activity in a work station for extended practice.  The directions for how to play the game are included.

                                     Slide37 Slide38

There are two pages of words to use in game play.  This type of  game can be differentiated for different letter combinations, such as glued sounds, blends, word families…etc. I’m currently working on some more to add to the little TPT shop!  This one was made with the beginning of the year in mind to practice CVC words.


The reflection sheet is designed to be printed double sided.  When you open the GoogleDoc, you’ll see both pages. 

I hope you’re able to make use of this goodie and will check out the larger packet for which it is a part of.  The entire packet sells for $5.00 and I’ve received positive feedback from those who have purchased it thus far!

Comment below and let me know what you think!  I’ve gotta run! I got the official word last night that my beloved car is headed to Honda Heaven so this girl has got to get busy finding herself another means of transportation!

Don’t forget to grab your freebie! It’s hiding behind the pumpkin! =) Catcha later! Give a hug, ladybug!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fantastic Followers Freebie #2

Hi, Friends!  How are ya?

Today was one of those days that kind of went by in a blur, bouncing from one appointment to the next.  It started with me jumping out of bed to attend my daughter’s orientation only to realize that I had set the reminder on my phone for the WRONG day!  She’d just die if we missed it, so I was a bit relieved and took it as a sign that I need to practice waking up earlier.  We’re down to the last few days of summer, and my inner night owl is going to have to be retrained to stay awake during the day!

                           photo 1 photo 2

In between appointments, I managed to drop into my classroom for a little bit! The room’s basic arrangement is set up, so now come the details.  Oh, the details!  I managed to get my labels onto all of my bins.  *LOVE*

photo 4

Desk helpers are on too.  Tomorrow, I’ll cover them with clear contact paper.  I like using these as a learning resource and really liked the idea of them being a big sticker BUT firsties have very, very, touchy, feely fingers that peel them up.  The little lump of green fabric are our book covers.

photo 5

After the day of running around was done, I came home to some goodies in my mailbox! I *love* all things personalized.  If you can monogram it, write my name on it, etch it….it’s for me! So when I saw a little ad on my FB page for free FB cards, curiosity got the best of me.  Aren’t they just adorable? 

The company that printed them is called MOO.  If you have a FB fan page, you might’ve noticed the ad yourself! After a couple clicks, adding my favorite Walt Disney quote to the back, and choosing a couple images from my FB pics…..voila!!! My first set of little cards were off to print and in my mailbox within days!

Now, I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to DO with them at this point, lol! When the time arises, I’ll have them.  If you've got any suggestions, share ‘em with your girl! If you’d like to check out how you can order a free set for yourself, click here.  The cards are free, but you will be responsible for shipping.  Cool beans!

Thanks, so much to all of you who’ve clicked over to check out the Freebie Frenzy!  Today’s freebie is a little something to reward your class of A+ kiddos.  Do you have a treasure box?  Want to save a little moolah?  Instead of buying trinkets, fill it with coupons! OR use the coupons with the little prizes so you don’t have to buy as many!

Print these little cuties, cut them apart and place in your treasure box.  Students get to choose a coupon and use at the teacher’s discretion!



You know the drill!  Click the first pic to grab them!  Best of luck to my friends that have already started back to school. I hope you find this little freebie helpful!

See ya tomorrow! Bye, bye butterfly!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hi, Friends! I’ve been asked that question several times this summer as I’ve shared my excitement for implementing the Daily 5.  We have an amazingly fun time in my classroom! I am really big on structure and routines.  My absolute favorite time of day is literacy workstations and over the years, I’ve tweaked and tweaked and developed a system that has worked really well for us.

Teachers sometimes walk by and peak into the room just to see if we’re actually in there because the room is generally quiet (during our literacy block) with kids involved in meaningful work stations and literacy activities. Our Math block is whole ‘nother story! Let me just say….manipulatives and firsties does not equal quiet!  Hehehe!

Over and over I’ve been asked….what you have in place works so well, why change it?  AND here’s why.  The answer for me is pretty simple.  It’s because I have personally made a commitment to improve (continuously).  I will never see anything in my classroom as perfect with no need of change.  Every year, every class is different and I want my teaching and what is in place in my classroom to evolve, challenge, differentiate, and go deeper.  I want it to be responsive to changes in research and to meet the rigor of what I know students will face as they continue on their individual journeys of life long learning.

photo 1

I’ve used Debbie Diller{ish} stations for the past 3 years and they’ve worked wonderfully!  What I will be doing this year, will not be entirely different, it will just be more focused on the 5 specific areas that students need most in order to become successful readers.

My biggest challenge has been wrapping my mind around allowing the students choice, BUT then I had two HUGE epiphanies!
1.  I don’t want to be told how to teach all day long!  I want to be told what to teach and left alone to create and implement instruction that will best benefit my students. 
2. When I taught Pre-K, I DID allow my students choice in their learning stations and trusted them to be responsible for their learning.  Guess what?  They chose and they were! AND some of them were only 3 years old! ANNNND many of them left my classroom as emergent readers!
Now, if I enjoy having choices as a teacher and if I can trust a 3 year old to choose a station, why did I think I had to TELL my firsties where to go AND what to do?  {LIGHTBULB!}


So, I’ve put the stations chart away.  I’ve put up our CAFE menu with Daily 5 choices and am going to build stamina as the year begins. We’ll move to choice when my students show me, through their actions, that they are ready. 

{Deep breath……} NOW, if I get a group of “what THE what”, we’re going right back to that stations chart, lol!!!

For now, I’m letting go of some of the control and trusting that through modeling and practice (then some more modeling and some more practice), my students will rise to the occasion and be responsible for their learning.  With our standards being setup in a workshop model,  the Daily 5 will be PERFECT and fit beautifully!  I’m excited about the changes in instruction this year will bring!


To that end, I’m prepping and getting the details of our room ready!  What could make them even better?  Sharing them with YOU, that’s what!

My little bloggity blog is growing and slowly ticking towards 400 followers! What?!! You guys are fantastic!  The feedback, conversations, and exchanges that I’ve shared with all of you is greatly appreciated and will undoubtedly help to make me a better teacher! Wasn’t that why we started blogging in the first place? It’s been great seeing so far out beyond the 4 walls of my classroom! Soooooooooo, instead of a giveaway to celebrate, let’s start a frenzy! A FREEBIE frenzy!

Tune in every day this week for a freebie to get geared up for the new year! I’m not quite at 400 followers yet, so FB this little cutie, G+, Pin It, Tweet it…..share it ‘til your heart’s content!  My goal is to reach 400 followers by Friday.  With fab followers like YOU, I know it’s possible……THEN the race will be on….to 500! I’ll be calling in reinforcements for that one!

Anywhoooo, here’s your freebie for today!


Click the pic to grab them and I’ll see you tomorrow!  Same bat channel, same bat time….with another fantastic freebie! Thanks for following!

See ya soon, Raccoon!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hi, Friends! Can you believe it’s actually August?  You know what that means! It’s time to link up with Farley at Oh, Boy Fourth Grade for this month’s edition of currently! 


Please, don’t judge me by music choice.  That song is so fun and catchy! I’m not listening to Big Time Rush all by myself.  I do have two little Nickelodeon kids dancing right along to it with me.  {Whooooo hoooo!!!}  Google it, you’ll have it stuck in your head too!

I’ve spent the last few days going back and forth between happy to have my school keys and in Sadsville because my car was slammed into by some nutty maniac paying absolutely NO ATTENTION to where he was going! I’ve had my car, that I still *LOVE*, long enough for it to be all paid for & what do ya know! BAM!!! In pieces….BUT I’m grateful to have walked away without even so much as a scratch and have my fingers crossed that she’ll be all fixed very soon.

photo 1

{In between pouts, sulks, and many phone calls waiting on hold with claims adjusters…..}This is a little of what I’ve been up to.  I love having those golden keys back in my possession! It’s so funny how we wish for August to pass slowly, but can’t wait to set up our classrooms!

Before we move on to more pictures, please bow your head for a moment of silence.  See those two little bulletin boards lovingly covered with clouds? They’re the ONLY two places in my whole, ENTIRE classroom that I can staple! {Insert, long……..pitiful sigh here.} That’s it.  No more boards.  No cute displays!  That’s a wrap!  I never knew a person could miss something so small, so much.

photo 2

My little teacher’s desk.  And that’s perfectly fine with me.  The smaller the better.  Who’s got time to sit at it anyway? I’d *LOVE* to get rid of it!

photo 3

The basic setup. (It will change.) See the rainbow evolving?  Boy, do I love colored bins! Pink, red, yellow, green, blue, purple…..hmmmm!!!  It still needs some tweaking, but you get the picture!

photo 2

Our magnificent mailbox/cubby combos.  AND do you see them? Huh? Do ya? Do ya? Well, DO YA? The absolutely A-Mazing book boxes that cost…..that cost………(oh!)….{sniff}….single tear….$1!That’s right folks, a whole buck! Now, before you leave and race off to Target, hold your horses and finish reading my post! Ha!

photo 4

The status of the classroom on Day 2 looked a little more like this.  *LOVE* Lakeshoreity Shore.  My handy dandy easel came in from the garage and is ready for lots of shared writing and big books! Which reminds me…where’s the ledge?  I forgot to attach it!  Thing  #4,762 added to the list of things to do.  Next….

photo 1 

AND last, but most certainly not least, there it is in all its splendor! The Literacy Cafe. Opening for business on August 27, 2012! Come get your yummy reading goodness! We’ll be adding mini-clips with our classroom numbers to the Daily 5 signs for rotations. If you’d like to use these headers, click the pic to grab ‘em!

Things are coming right along! Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to tune in next week. I’ve got some freebies in the works that I wouldn’t want you to miss!  See that little follower number? It’s sooooo close to 400, but my goal is to reach 500 followers BEFORE school starts!

I know, its only a few short weeks away, but I’ve got a little something in mind that I’m hoping will speed up the process! Be sure to check in to see what it will be! 

Okay…now, you can run out to Target before all of those book boxes are gone! See ya later, gator!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Meet Shuna, my VERY first guest blogger!

Hiya Peeps

Shuna P here from 

Pocket Full of Kinders!

* I am a rambler just so you know*

I am so happy that Tanya F.I.N.A.L.L.Y

let me guest blog over here

Pull up a seat and get comfy because I sure am!

Have y'all started back to school yet?

I have a few more days and I can't seem to get my rear end in gear

I lost my mojo somewhere

This summer I have done absolutely nothing! 

I had all these grand plans but laziness took over

So here I am with less than a week to go trying to get everything ready for the new school year

This is my classroom

Go ahead take it in

This is how my classroom looked when I walked in and 2 weeks later it still pretty much looks the 

same. I need to hire a detective to search for my mojo because I am in desperate need of it!

Here is a quick look of how my room looks so far

I was so not going to do a theme this year but I found this at Target

the plates were .10cents and the table covers were .50 cents!

So now I have a Hawaiian/Luau theme

Every year when I go into my room I have to bring lots of help

This is what happened to my help today

The victim: My little sis

She slipped

She fell

She slid

I L.A.U.G.H.E.D!


Really Hard


The culprit: A innocent little pocket chart

So this year I wanted to hang curtains

They came out really pretty

but I almost died in the process!

Why you ask?

Because I had to hang my curtains with this death trap

(excuse the head in the pic! I promise it is not mine)

The freakin ladder decided that it would break

While I was on it


The nerve of said ladder!

We did however get some things done

Here is a pic of my soon to be word wall

Here is a look at my bulletin boards

I used fabric to cover them and used a grass skirt that I cut and leis to cover them


Just because you waded your way through my rambles I decided to give you a little treat

I have managed to muster up a little bit of will power for ya

Here is a great game for those beginning first and second graders!

 I would love to see you over at my blog

See you there

Peace Out


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