Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy about Compounds!

 We read Little Rabbit's Tale by Wong Herbert Yee this week. The main character is just the cutest little rabbit (with a really bad case of paranoia)! We used it as an introduction to compound words and had loads of fun with them throughout the day. Grab the set of words we used for a game of "Find Your Partner" here. I tried to make sure the words we used would make for good illustrations, gave each kiddo one of the "small" words, then they had to silently walk around the room and find their partner without talking! I thought the not talking part would be the most challenging, but they painted on smiles, turned on those thinkers and went on their word hunt eagerly.  They really enjoyed the challenge! Once everyone found their partner, each set of kiddos got to stand and present their new "big word" and we posted them on the whiteboard for reference.  THEN, we extended our game into TWO different writing activities pictured below.

 To keep each kiddo's work original, they each  had to choose a different word AND you better believe we ended up with a very funny set of stories!  Click the pic above to snag a copy of the writing paper.  Today was a blast.....tomorrow, dental health!  It's funny how we look forward to 4 day weeks but work like crazy to squeeze in five days worth of learning! Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Nice foldable idea! I LOVE what you said about 4 day weeks ... so true! And then we wonder why we're exhausted, right?

    Linda Nelson
    Primary Inspiration

    1. I know! I'm in recovery mode from another one right now, lol! =)


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