Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Reflections & Lesson Plans

Hi, Friends! How are ya? It’s Sunday evening…as I enjoy my guilty pleasure (reality TV), it’s really nice to have an extra day to prep for the upcoming  week. Actually, with MORE time on my hands I’ve gotten my lesson plans done earlier! Go figure! LOL!

In between completing mid-year assessments, we took some time to wiggle and learn in fun, creative ways. Having to slow down a bit for assessments has also brought about a few changes in instruction that I’ll share a little later…’s what we were up to last week.

Slide5 “COOL, Mrs. Dwyer…I really like this book!”
To make the best use of our time, we incorporate science and social studies into our writer’s workshop block. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we concentrate on sight words, grammar, and writing. On Tuesdays, our focus is social studies. On Thursdays, our focus is science. As often as possible, we also make cross curricular connections during our literacy block. We read The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall to explore how the change in seasons affect plants. After reading it and discussing it, we got our bag lady on…

For this activity, the sentences were completed through guided writing. After students finished their writing and illustrations, they then got to complete it by adding the apple tree torn art to the front cover. They really enjoyed this activity and put a great deal of thought into it, after we had a heart to heart about the importance of completing our work neatly.

Slide8 “This is my favorite book we’ve made so far!”
They thought the Apple Pie Tree booklet was pretty cool, but favored our landforms flipbook a little more.
I have an active class full of some of the cutest, firstie boys you’d ever want to meet! Exploring landforms was right up their alley. Most of them chose to go mountain climbing to explore the features of their favorite landform. I WISH I had enough time to share the hilariousness we experience in Room 159. A boy heavy classroom is a very interesting, active place to be!
We spiced up our daily word work by using paint samples to rhyme and mark glued sounds. Writing with sharpies was definitely appreciated because they don’t get to touch THOSE too often!
By Friday, it may have been a sunny 70ish outside, but it was chilly in our classroom because a blizzard of blends blew through! Decoding blends is one of those skills that we'll spiral review constantly. With the introduction of blends, digraphs, compound words, suffixes….our words are getting bigger and correct spellings are becoming more important. Word play has to be fun!
Slide13 Slide14

Brrrrrrrrr… honor of all things Frozen, we listened to the soundtrack from the movie as we worked to complete our snow storm of blends too!

Looking ahead to next week…

Daily phonemic awareness activities have been added.


Small group lessons have been differentiated according to instructional needs.

Testing continues with mid-year reading records and adjustments to flexible groups are being made.


….with LOTS of fun to be had!  Stop by A Classroom Full of Smiles to check out her new weekly linky and the giveaway she’s hosting. You may recognize one of the contributors! Have a great week, friends!

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