Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 Things Ms. Dwyer Says…

Hi, Friends! How are ya? In an effort to make myself blog on a more regular basis, I’m jumping back into Five for Friday with Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching! This week, I’m sharing 5 things that I find myself saying daily. You know, those little things that are a spoken language between you and your littles. The language of love that develops and binds you together as a little family.

Number 1…

We sing this little diddy. When I notice a friend has forgotten to begin a sentence with a capital letter, I start singing “Every sentence….and because we do this…the class joins in and finishes the sentence….begins with a CAPITAL letter! Fun! And the guilty party  or parties usually go back, erase and write their capital letter in!

Number 2…
{Self explanatory!}

Number 3…

My one expectation for the completion of student work is that they always give their absolute best! There’s no slackin’ in Room 171; we make stuff happen! Knowing that, not everyone’s work will look exactly the same. Each student brings to the table a different personality, a different perspective on the world. I want them to understand their work is a reflection of them. How they complete it is how they present themselves to others that might see it.

Soooo, when we complete projects you will rarely find any copied patterns in our classroom. You’ll rarely find a color sheet. More often than not, what you will find is students beginning with a blank sheet of paper. A blank sheet of paper is a representation of endless possibilities. It’s a representation of them having the freedom to be creative. It’s a representation of them being able to uniquely express themselves. It’s me trusting them to show what they know in an organized way because I’ve taught them how. So, when I’m asked…do I have to use this color? Can I draw with a pencil or crayon? My response is… have creative control.

Number 4…

We use this phrase during writer’s workshop A LOT! One sentence does not a story make! =P It usually leads to other questions too, like what is the problem in your story? How do the characters feel? How did they solve it? What details in your picture help to tell the story? Which leads to….

Number 5…

Writing is rarely ever complete. There’s always more than can be added to tell a great story!

What are some of your favorite phrases?


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