Monday, April 15, 2013

Chicks, caterpillars, plants…oh, my!!!

Hi, Friends! How are ya?

What a day! There is a LOT growing on in our room and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We started the day with one little chick hatched out of its egg….one very feisty little chick….


…affectionately named, Mr. T! After he made his debut, he was not content to be on his own, so he spent the better part of the morning waking up his peeps and calling them out of their shells!  Next came Blaze and then…….a whole heap of peeps! By the end of the day, we had 6 live chicks and a classroom full of friends that couldn’t pull themselves away from the incubator!

Slide5 Slide4
Blaze got his nickname because he hatched in a flash! Once he made up his mind it was time to hatch, he was out of there FAST! Our school is not only generous enough to provide all the supplies we need to hatch eggs each spring, but also has a live feed set up online for all classrooms to observe. Kids from all over the school were excited and jumping up and down to inform their teachers that an egg had hatched right before their very eyes! Can you say, thrilled?!
What an understatement! We had a blast…..ALL.DAY.LONG!

To say the very least, we’re really GROWING in first grade! Growing chicks, growing tiny caterpillars into big fat ones, growing plants, and growing firsties who are benefiting from all that’s going on around them! After meeting the first chick, my students quickly noticed that our caterpillars are heading north signaling time for a change! Will tomorrow morning bring a chrysalis too?


Praise the Lord! We’ve also got sprouts! I’m so happy for my kiddos to see something, anything grow out of these cups! 

Slide7 Slide8

With all that was going on around us with the chicks, there was no need to fight for the kid’s attention. We turned our focus to the chicks by observing them on the live feed for most of the day. After recess, we completed a little directed drawing and writing to record our observations.


After school, the REAL fun began, lol! We had lots of sweet friends come by to meet the chicks and help them along their hatching journey. Getting out of that egg must’ve been a lot of work! After a long hard day of breaking shells, drying, fluffing and meeting new friends, our little peeps ended the day cuddled up to take nap!


How sweet!


  1. Oh my goodness, what fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Sure thing! Thanks for stopping by, Martha! =)

  2. I have 12 ducks in my incubator on day 9 of 28! The hatch day is so much fun. You look like you will have your hands full. I love the hatching eggs craftivity! I'm mentioning you on my blog tonight. Fun in K/1

    1. I'm really just housing them in my classroom. The "Chick M.D.'s" as I lovingly call them, come in several times a day to do all the work! It's been amazing fun...oddly enough I get much more work done with a little organized chaos going around me than at any other time. It's almost calming....thanks for the mention! I'll hop over in a bit! Thanks, again! =)

  3. Just curious...what do you guys do with the live birds once they hatch? Hopefully they don't end up in city shelters :(

  4. Just curious...what do you guys do with the live birds once they hatch? Hopefully they don't end up in city shelters :(

    1. Oh, no! Our lucky chicks get to go home with a loving family from our campus that raises animals. Our eggs this year are second generation from the batch we hatched last year! Adds to the fun! =)

    2. That's awesome to hear Tanya! Sadly some schools send the chicks home with kids then ultimately they end up at the shelters where they end up being euthanized :( glad yours go to a good home!


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