Friday, April 12, 2013

FIVE for Friday~SOOOOO Random

Hi~ya, Friends! This week has been a busy one! We spent a huge chunk of the week completing our end of year {only 6 more weeks} reading inventories, so the camera didn’t leave the case much. This Five for Friday is a mix of randomness that I haven’t shared before.


We created these little cuties as we were preparing for our spring Open House and will be using this painting technique again in the coming week as we connect with my FAVORITE story of the year…………….The Dot. =)

Slide1 Slide2

As of today, our little chicks are on day 20 of 21….we’ve got our fingers crossed that they’ll wait until we get back to school on Monday to start crackin’ out of those shells. We used a few nonfiction texts and video clips this week to learn about the chick’s life cycle and to prepare ourselves for what we’ll see as they emerge. EX.Ci.ted!!!!


My firsties are the sweetest! I just love them! Check out the cute note one of them left me on the back of his work today. Awwwwww…*LOVE*…..A+ for HIM!!! =)

Slide5 I love you, Ms. Dwyer. Thank you for your kindness.
Annnnd, what better way to end the week than to come home to new shoes in your mailbox? =)

Have a great weekend! See ya next Friday!



  1. Oh my cuter shoes!!! I love them!! And The Dot is one of my all time favorite art books! I can't wait to see your pics next week!
    Teaching First

  2. I have never done chickens before! I bet my kids would love them tho! Fingers crossed they wait to hatch until Monday!
    Ms. Shope's Class


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