Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Week~The Classroom

Hi, Friends! It’s Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin’.  By no means is my classroom ready or for that matter anywhere near being finished. (Is it really ever?)….but these are the bones, our start…the foundation….

WELCOME and come on in……

I love the combination of green and blue for my classroom. Each year, I tend to use a “landscape” backdrop by incorporating the sun and sky somehow. I guess after having spent a number of years in a classroom without a window it made me want to bring a little of the outside in….I don’t know. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I just like it! I’ve never really had an over the top theme, but prefer to create a backdrop for student work…


I’ve changed campuses this year and now have a “sunshine” wall. I’m in no way a fan of the color yellow. In fact, I almost never wear it because I think it makes me look I’m getting ready to hurl, BUT I absolutely LOVE this accent wall! In person, it’s more of a’s darker, not too bright…just right. I LOVE it!!! The only thing I would change about it is moving it to the front of the room. You never leave decorating to men (unless it’s Nate Berkus), lol! I’m sure they just chose a wall to get ‘er done without even thinking of which wall it really should’ve been…This is the view of the room from my small group table. From where I’ll sit, I can look out and see the entire room.

Oh, and the second set of curtains for the shelf have been ordered and shipped on Saturday. Target’s been stock of them has been out for the last two weeks!


Details, details, details….are falling into place. Last year, I used the colorful numbers from A Cupcake for the Teacher. This year, I used them as inspiration for these little cuties to continue the chevron craze taking over my room. Didn’t I JUST say that I don’t do themes, lol? Anyway… HERE to grab them and labels for your filing cabinet, if you think they’d fit in your classroom too! In order for them to fit on the clip chart, I printed two slides to one page to shrink them.

Our classroom library is shaping up. Bins are in place….ready for labels and books. Deja put all of the student book boxes together. After arranging the different boxes into a pattern, (Yes, I’m that anal.) I used labels from my chevron classroom set to add student numbers. The numbers will help with classroom organization and to practice number order. Students will have to place their book box back onto the shelf in number order each day. 

The blue strips of painter’s tape on the floor are to designate “read to self” spots for Daily 5. It gives the kiddos a little help in spacing themselves out to build stamina.

Our helper chart is ready for student names. I prefer not to type them because our population has the potential to change frequently.  Writing station is ready for labels and activities…students will have a choice ‘I CAN’ statements/activities in the white bin, vocabulary and/or sight words on the pocket chart and poetry journals in the large blue bins. In the buckets, will be choices of pens, pencils, crayons and erasers. One of those chairs will also disappear because I prefer for my kiddos to work in sets of 2. Two’s company….3’s a problem!

Schedule cards are in place….but in need of updating. The blue bin just below it will be our ‘borrow box’. In it will be basic supplies that students might need throughout the course of the day they can borrow and return like crayons…scissors, glue and glue sticks. I do not allow my students to keep bottled glue at their desks. That will be housed in the borrow box and pulled out, as needed. Supplies that are found on the floor also get tossed into the borrow box too.


There’s no alphabet hanging in my classroom yet, because well….it’s still sitting on my dining room table, lol! Today, I discovered how to print all the way to the edge of the page and got so excited that I began creating and never got back up to school to hang it! It’ll be hung just above the whiteboard at the front of the room. I shared this picture earlier today on Instagram…if you’re not already, follow me there to keep up with quick pic posts. If you’ve followed here for a while…you know that I LOVE pictures and snap them constantly. I learn something new every day and LOVE to share!

If you have an HP printer…this may be one of your print options. As you prepare to print, go to your printer properties, click the features tab and select borderless…it will enlarge the image to print all the way to the edge of the page…no pesky white border to trim!


Hope you enjoyed checking out how my room is shaping up! I’m off to peek into some classrooms too! See ya tomorrow!


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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Blog Hoppin’ Teacher Week! The summer went too fast and I cannot believe it is that time of year again!

    I love the tape on the floor for read to self spots. I think that it is a wonderful idea and I am going to borrow it ;o) I will be putting numbers on my floor for lining up too. My third graders last year took forever to line up and it was always a source of fighting.

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