Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Treat for the LAST day of school

Hi Friends! How are ya? These first few days of summer have flown by! It’s been full of fun surprises. In the midst of enjoying the summer sun, my teacher brain is still spinning away! I thought I’d drop in today to share how we ended the year on a sweet note!

I was recently introduced to Treat’s {a division of Shutterfly} awesome site! If you know me personally or have hung around the blog for any length of time, you know I LOVE pictures, photographs, snapshots! Whatever you call them; if there’s a camera present….I’m snappin’ it! I love capturing memories!

Capturing memories is so much fun. Actually getting the images out of your phone or camera onto print or a special gift is even better!


I love ending the year by giving my kiddos a little something to remember our year together. This year, I chose a personalized greeting card that fit our class’ personality perfectly!


My class of mostly boys was all about a little friendly competition, games, fun, ninjas, and MORE games!


When it came time to select a card that would fit our class….and I saw one that resembled a video game, I knew it was the one! I tried to keep them a secret until later in the day, but judging by my friend’s artwork, I believe a few of them might’ve gotten a sneak peek!


We used the cards as “complimats” to shower friends with compliments! As part of our wrap-up to a fantastic year, students brainstormed a list of quick sayings to jot down on friends’ cards, if they needed a little help. We talked about things friends could say that made us feel warm and fuzzy…..then we were off to spread a little love through compliments, smiles, taking turns and lots of chit chat.


The message on both the outside and inside of the cards was able to be customized. My kiddos were all smiles seeing favorite phrases that we use in our classroom on a daily basis and proud to take this sweet reminder of their classmates home at the end of the day!

The best thing about this wonderful site, is it’s something that we can not only use at school, but in our daily lives too! As you frolic on the beach or simply enjoy your family at home, keep snapping those memories. When you’re ready to bounce them out of your camera, don’t forget to make a special TREAT for someone you love with them. You’ll be glad you did!

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