Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday~Setting up for Success!

Hey, ya’ll! How are ya? Another Wednesday has rolled around and I’m hijacking another of my own Wisdom Wednesday posts! The nerve….lol! Today has been a pretty inspiring one. Beginning next Wednesday, I’ll begin posting the Wisdom Wednesday quotes to social media instead of here, on the blog…and actually from the handy dandy iphone! Be sure to follow along, so that you don’t miss any little tidbits! For now….here’s the last one for the blog…

Of course, you can’t think of absolutely everything, but you can be purposeful in planning to prevent a few things. I posted this picture to Instagram and FB earlier today and got a question that I thought I’d drop in to answer. It goes right along with setting students up for success.


The die cut circles are going to be used as our “success spots” for the upcoming school year. What’s a success spot, you ask? Wellllll…it’s a good choice for seating, in a place that will help a student to be successful in the classroom. Ever tell your kids to spread out or find a good thinking spot? Ever think of actually marking them on the floor? If you have, success spots may just be the thing for YOU!


If you look very closely at this picture from my classroom last year, you’ll notice little lengths of tape on the floor. We used those to help guide students’ choice of seating for ‘Read to Self’ or ‘Read to Someone’. We ended up working on the floor A LOT and for reasons other than just reading, so next year, they’ll have a new name! Having choices for successful seating helps students to choose quickly and get right to work! By placing them on the floor, I help to guide the distance between students without ever having to voice it….so control and choice are both ultimately up to the student.

Those little silver circles are cut from sheets of decorative duct tape! They last for quite a while. Fingers are busy tracking print, cross checking print and pictures and holding materials, so they don’t bother them. Occasionally, one may come up from normal wear and mopping. I’ll be sure to die cut a few extras to serve as replacements.


…and because comfort is important to learning, our classroom design will take on a much different look next year! I’m so excited! This is a little sneak peek of some of the changes coming to our classroom and a hint of my color scheme. There’ll be a few “bright ideas” added before it’s all wrapped with a bow and finished. Stay tuned!

Comment below and share one of the ways you set your students up for success! See ya soon! =)

P.S. No students were harmed in the making of this blog post. That kid stretched out on the floor is my son, lol! Teachers kids have it hard! Give one a hug of encouragement from time to time! =)

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  1. I love the idea of success spots. I'm totally going to do this for next year!



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