Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Classroom Reveal {Where I Work}

Hi, Friends! I’m linking up with fab ladies of Blog Hoppin’ to share where I work. I promised a reveal into my little home away from home and well….here it is!


This is my little space. The place where I spend more time than I probably do my own home, the place where the magic happens…..my happy place, my classroom!


This is the view from the door…as you enter the room. Which do you prefer…desks or tables? This will be the first year, I’ve used tables. As you can see, I was too nervous to fully let go of the desks, lol! I can be a little indecisive sometimes! The desks may also serve as another storage option, if needed.

How will I seat a class of 22 with only 5 desks?! Glad you asked! =) As you view each picture, you’ll find there are still a total of 22 chairs available for students to be seated at a desk or table. By utilizing the guided reading table and writing station table, each student has a chair. Do I make students work at a desk or table? No. If they are more comfortable and productive in a “special chair”, I allow them to sit where they will be successful. We will have class discussions about the true meaning of fairness. We will also work together as a school family to make sure each of us has access to what we need (not what we want).




This is my little corner of the classroom. Like most things, I share it with the kids….um, I guess that means it really isn’t my little corner, huh?! 


I do not have a traditional desk. I use the guided reading table as my desk space and house supplies that will be needed for small group on the shelf behind the table. We’ll use the blue pocket chart for our Fundations letter cards. The black bulletin boards will house vocabulary cards, student work or anchor charts for the corresponding subject areas.


To the left of my table is our classroom library. The two shelves that house books are organized by topic and level. Students are allowed to browse both shelves. The board above the library will house learning about science and social studies topics. (That’s the plan…..at least.) The blue chairs were purchased with my little friends that will need extra wiggle time in mind. =)


Here’s a closer look at leveled bins and student book boxes. I found the book boxes and adhesive labels at Dollar Tree! Score! The plastic bins are from Target.


I’m still working on adding books for the beginning of the year to these bins.


Students will work on writing in this area of the room…


Space under the table is used to house classroom library books.


Because I’ve chosen to incorporate tables into our setup, I had to rethink storage. This ottoman will serve as comfy seating for reading and writing…AND double as storage for dictionaries and reading books. The writing display has examples for students to use as a guide. Later on, student work will be clipped over the examples. I’m guessing, the pillows will spend a little more time on the floor once school starts than neatly placed on top and that’s fine with me. The goal is for students to be comfortably engaged.

The little pink container is holding lapboards.





I’m still waiting on a few details to be delivered by my local friendly UPS delivery man, but all in all…the room is put together and ready to greet a fresh crew of cuties! You’ll also notice that my walls are pretty bare. That’s done very intentionally.  Once the kids and I begin learning, the walls will be filled with anchor charts and student work that will show evidence of what we’re learning in the classroom…

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my room.

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