Saturday, August 9, 2014

Five for Friday~Sneak Peek

Hi Friends! How are ya?

It’s been a busy last couple of days as I finally got my hands on those golden keys! With August having rolled in….the only thing on the brain has been unpacking and getting set up. After 3 days of unpacking, sorting, organizing and finally decorating…I’ve got a little sneak peek ready for ya! Wanna have a look see at what our little home away from home is gonna look like this year?

Come on in! It's time for...Five for Friday!


I’m about 99% done……-ish! =)


I love inspirational quotes. Words have power! As my kiddos enter our classroom, I want them to always see a little something that will inspire them to learn and be the best they can be. I’m going to add the word ‘create’ to the board as well. Being a clutter free gal kicks me in the rear every now and then because when I looked for another set of letters to use, I didn’t have any more! No biggie…I’ll whip up a little something.


Lockers have been numbered. We won’t go totally without student names. As we create activities throughout the year, they’ll have the opportunity to display work with their name on their lockers for all the world to see!


Beginning Day 1…..I want these two words to guide the beliefs of our classroom climate. I can……and I will be successful! Please ignore the “leather like” paper. It’s not as wrinkled as it appears….and will be covered with student work soon. I’m still giggling a little because I didn’t realize the roll of fadeless paper that I purchased didn’t have a matte finish. It really does look like I decorated our boards with leather!


Looking for pretty prints to add a little flair to your bulletin boards? Try gift wrap! It’s inexpensive, comes in any design you can think of and easy to hang! That chevron paper is from leftover Christmas wrap!


Got wiggles? Students who struggle to sit still? Do you teach 1st grade? If you answered yes to any of these questions….then these fun chairs are for you! Since I brought them into the building, every person that has walked into my room has fallen into them and bounced out with a smile! My son sat and watched an entire movie in one, so I’m guessing they’re pretty comfortable. I’m going to be trying something new with seating this year that I’ll share a little later….these two chairs will be one choice of several student options.

Thanks for stopping by to peek in our room….

Are you trying anything new this year?


  1. Your room looks great, thanks for posting pictures.

  2. Your blog is very cute and so is your newly set up classroom! I love seeing pictures of other classrooms so I can get inspiration and new ideas :-) Trying anything new this year....I'm going to start my Daily 5 groups much sooner because I love doing my small reading groups this way!
    ~Jaime @ The First Grade Bloom

  3. I adore everything you post! Thanks for taking the time to share your amazing ideas!

  4. Your room looks fabulous! My boys have the chairs in the game room and LOVE them! The "WRITE" pencils are adorable:)

    The Resourceful Apple


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