Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ummm, was today national bug day? Bring an Insect to School Day?  I had kids show up at school today with all sorts of creepy crawlies!  It all started with a very talented little caterpillar, named Speedy.  That’s his name because he moves very fast on the sidewalk.

photo 1 

After having spent the day with a 5th grade (twitch, scratch, wink, wink….) yeah, you heard me, 5th GRADE class!!! AaaHHHH, Oh….excuse me… I come to. I don’t want to dwell on it. Let’s just say….I was glad to be back in the Land of Firsties and thrilled to see bugs less scarier than those big kids! HA!

Speedy was promptly introduced to the kids and incorporated into our morning work routine! After getting him in focus and featured on the document camera…he became the topic of our journal writing.

                                                       photo 1 photo 2

Then I hear…..LOOK what I’ve got Mrs. Dwyer! (That’s always a fun thing to hear first thing in the morning. :-) Yep, you guessed it…another critter! Ironically, this one was just the opposite of Speedy, lol!  He was going nowhere, fast! Did you know that the cups for balance scales make great day homes for snails?  Me either!!!! But it worked well for one today!  Remind me to rinse that out later……

photo 3

Think our critter parade ends there? Not a chance! We have beetles on the playground that have been providing the kids with lots of entertainment.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, one of my lovelies has been collecting them in his backpack! Sooooooo….if one friend’s bug is featured for morning work and another’s is given a comfy day home, what do you think kiddo number three did?  You guessed it….he whipped out his candy wrappers, leftover snack, AAAAAAND beetle collection from his BACKPACK!

photo 2

After the bug parade finally calmed down, we settled in for a quiet day of measuring capacity, writing about how Alexander Graham Bell has impacted our lives and began our A-Z Countdown to 2nd Grade!  Today was A Day, so you know me…..A stood for Art and we hopped to it, incorporating our spelling words for the week!

photo 3

I gave each kiddo a plain piece of printer paper folded into ten sections.  They then traced the fold lines with crayon, wrote, and illustrated each spelling word for the week. Watercolors won’t mix with the wax from the crayons, so it creates a cool paint affect when used together.  Can you tell what skill we’re reviewing?

We had a blast; now this chica is heading off to get some shut eye! There’s no telling what unexpected excitement tomorrow brings! Have a thrilling Thursday!


  1. We know you aren't afraid of bugs! We miss you coming to our rescue when we find a nasty one in our rooms!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for joining in the fun! I couldn't squish these babies, though...they were pets, lol! Welcome, April! I love your super cute blog!


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