Sunday, April 15, 2012


Tag is fun, but it’s hard to run when you keep getting tagged twice at once!! Whew! I’ve been tagged by Valerie @ All Students Can Shine and Kathy @ Kafy’s Books. 

kafys books

My pastor speaks on the importance of divine connections all the time.  I couldn’t help but to think of that as I was combing through my list of blogs I follow to share with you as part of this post.  Tag is so much fun, but also allows us an opportunity to connect with other people that we might not have otherwise ever met.  How awesome is that, when you REALLY think about it?  As Valerie reads this in Canada and Kathy’s reading it in California….I’m reading it in Texas! I don’t know about you, but that makes me do a little happy dance to be able to collaborate with such a wide variety of great teachers! Get ready, get set, let’s go!  You’re in the right place at the right time to get connected!

Here are the rules to this tag game:
* Post these rules
* Answer the 10 questions that the tagger posted for you
* Create 10 questions of your own to ask the people that you're about to tag
* Tag 10 people and link them with your post (and let them know they've been tagged!)

I was asked……

1. Coffee or Tea? Neither…I don’t like caffeinated drinks.  They feel funny going down my throat! I know, weird…I’ll only drink them if I have absolutely NO other choice or tons of sugar to add to them.
2. Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook?  I currently have shops at both sites.  My preference?  Teachers Pay Teachers…the atmosphere there is nothing short of amazing!
3. Dog or Cats?  Neither…I’m not a pet person.  Dogs scare me….{{yikes}}!
4. Summer or Winter?  Summer, definitely! I live in Texas….MOST of the year IS summer.  We go from piping hot to lukewarm and back to HOT!
5. Back Pack vacation or Beach? I haven’t been to the beach in years, so I’d really like to take my kids to the beach for the first time!
6. Book Reading or Blog Stalking? Right now…blog stalking. I’m totally addicted! I tend to read more during the summer months.
7. Meat or Veggies?  Both…I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately.  Applebee’s Fried Chicken Salad is my reigning fave! Yummy!
8. Married, Single, Engaged, or other? Married…I’m a proud Army wife. My soldier rocks! 
9. Giveaway or Freebies? Uhm…freebies…I like giveaways too, but don’t feel like I’ve personally developed a flair for them yet.
10. Nightlight or Darkness?   Darkness…I think I may have been a bat or an owl in a former life.  I come alive at night when all is still and quiet.  I’m quite the night owl and usually have all the lights off in my house during the daytime too! In my classroom, we keep half of the lights turned off for most of the day (it’s very calming). Again, weird…I know!  It’s one of those little quirks that make me ME!


AND NOW, my turn…..with a newbie twist! For this round of tag…..being a relative newbie to blogging myself, I thought I’d introduce you to some friends that are newbie-er! Is that a word?  I don’t think so, but anyhow……here are the latest and greatest friends that have joined the blogosphere.  Please head over and join in the fun at their blogs.  Nothing makes a new blogger’s day more than seeing that follower number increase!  The last two of them, especially started blogs and then backed away from them…keeping up with all of this can be very overwhelming! Stop by and give them a word of encouragement to rekindle that first desire to connect with other educators! 

“Greatness is contagious….if you spend your time in its company, you can’t help but to catch it!” ~TD Jakes

Barb @ Itsabouttimeteachers

Mrs. Rios @ mrsriosteachessecond

Dawn @ bloomingkiddos

Arlene @ arlenesandberg

Colleen @ theteachingchameleon

Shawna @ KinderGarden Seeds

Dayna @ Bookability

I am asking…

1.  What state do you live in?

2.  Why blog?

3.   Teachers Pay Teachers of Teacher’s Notebook?  Why?

4.   Who’s your favorite children’s author?

5.   Are you Artsy Fartsy?

6.  Who’s your favorite blogger?

7.  How often do you blog?

8.  Do you use a reading series at your school?  Which One?

9.  What’s your favorite subject to teach?

10.  How do you wind down at the end of the day?

I had incorrectly listed DeAnne from Fabulous in First as a newbie blogger.  I had just met her in the forums at TPT, but she’s been sharing her talents for some time now on her blog! Please blame this error on my head, but definitely not my heart! We all LOVE followers so I know she’d appreciate the “hop over”…and she’s a firstie blogger too! That in itself is fabulous! Thanks, DeAnne!

I know that’s only 7 friends and the rules say 10, so if you’ve stuck around to this point….consider YOURSELF tagged and join in the fun!  Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. I just saw your blog featured at Pocket Full of Kinders and headed over to see you. I am a newbie blogger also. Your words above are so true. I check my numbers too often. I will head over to your new blogger friends above and follow them as well as encourage them. I am your newest follower! Please stop by and visit.
    Classroom Companion

  2. I'm your newest follower and found you off of Pocket Full of Kinders! Nice to meet you and your pretty blog. :) Looking forward to reading what you have to offer.


  3. Just found you from the Seller's Forum and followed! Precious blog and precious store!! Can't wait to read more!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. First of all...thanks for being my first follower and encouraging me. I have to confess that I just get so discouraged trying to make fancier posts like your Tag You're It. I need help!!!! I've answered all your questions and have created my own questions. Now I can't figure out how to link and tag my 10 bloggers. UGH! I'm working on it. Any tips or quick directions would be much appreciated!


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