Thursday, May 3, 2012


settled into my room sometime earlier this week!  Oh my goodness…I wasn’t sure that I would survive, but somehow….I’m still here.  A nap usually does the trick for me and as soon as the clock struck…you can leave….I was out and headed for my comfy couch! Stick with me, I’m going to try and remain coherent….{it might be tough considering the level of Krazy I’ve been dealing with these past few days}.

We’re kicking into review mode for these few fast and furious remaining weeks.  We have somehow managed to be productive, but whew…it’s been quite the task!  I shared our last A-Z countdown status with you on D for D.E.A.R Day.  Well, E for Experiment Day was a real hit  blast with the kids!

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We’re really working to make these last few weeks memorable, so our experiment was a blast {literally} of soda!  We talked about the reactions that would take place and made predictions based on the type of soda we’d be dropping Mentos candies into.  If you’ve never done this experiment, give it a try…BUT be prepared for your kids to ask for more and wear your running shoes!  This experiment is over very soon after it begins! We have 4 sections of first grade, so we used two bottles and in the midst of screams chanting “DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN…”  repeated the experiment with two more bottles.  Think about the reaction that might be happening in your tummy the next time you crack open a sleeve of Mentos with that diet soda, lol!

photo 1

OK…I must admit, I found this idea while blog hopping earlier this week, but cannot for the life of me remember what fab blog I found it on.  If my amnesia clears, I’ll come back and add the link for the cute reflection sheet we used for this activity.  One of my awesome little teacher helpers assisted me with laying 10 different lengths of painter’s tape onto our classroom floor.  We then reviewed how to line up our unit with what we’re measuring and rotated around the room measuring and making comparisons with partners.

                                                     photo 2 photo 3

The kids had a great time and really have gotten the hang of nonstandard measurement.  Check out what we did to experiment with area below!   We talked about area being the space inside of a shape, traced four objects and charted them according to which covered less or more space.  Once traced, each example was colored in and labeled.  These pieces of paper are fourths cut from a chart sized tablet. 

photo 3

Though you can definitely sense that the end of the year is near, we’re still very busy with lots  more to do!  Today, brought with it a subdued level of crazy and we settled in nicely to review story structure with our friends Frog and Toad.   Here’s a peek at the activities we used. You can grab them by visiting my little TPT shop this weekend during the big Teacher’s Appreciation Sale!  You won’t want to miss it!


Well, it’s about time to lay me down to sleep! Before I forget….F was for fruit! We ate healthy snacks and our fab team of volunteers made sure there were plenty!  We dressed up like what we’d like to be when we Grow up for letter G and tomorrow?  Tomorrow is Hat Day….love it!  That means I have one less step to take in the morning prep routine! No flat irons, combs or brushes for me….just one of my husband’s baseball caps plopped onto my head! It’s great to be in 1st grade!  Have a fantastic Friday, bloggy buddies!  :-)

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