Saturday, May 12, 2012


Did you enjoy your Teacher’s Appreciation Week?  We were completely spoiled at our school with super yummy treats all week long! I know that I must’ve gained a little, but it would’ve been just plain rude to turn down such deliciousness!

    photo 3      photo 2 

In addition to the yummy treats, came beautiful gifts of appreciation.  I’m a total sucker for all things pink & green and personalized.  My fab SuperMom (I think she actually wears a cape!) made sure to bless me with both!  She’s just the absolute best! There were lots more, but I have to admit….these are my faves and just a few of the ones that I didn’t eat, lol!  My kids know that I REALLY, REALLY like chocolate too…but I didn’t think you’d want to see a picture of just crumbs!!!


How cute!

Well, now that the hoopla of all things “I love my teacher” are dying down, its time to dive into some serious end of year testing and review FUN!  We’re continuing our A-Z Countdown to 2nd grade….

photo 1

H was for Hat Day.  Some of us wore more than others. {Did I mention that my little sonshine is quite the comedian?}  I brought with it yummy ice pops.  J was for jumping rope, but we got rained out…until the next day.  So on K, for Kid’s Choice Day…we voted and did fun arts and crafts and jumped rope. L Day was for leaving for a field trip….again, RAIN:(.  We’ll talk about that another day. M….we monkeyed {that’s a verb, right? hehehee} around to music.

For letter N, we’ll get to pick new names for a day!  Nametags will be a must!  I’ll let you know what interesting names they come up with!  This day is usually loads of fun. 
With only 14 more days to go, we’ll be doing lots of writing to fine tune those grammar skills we’ve learned all year….{enter freebie here}.


Click the pic to grab a prewriting sheet to gather your thoughts and a writing page for your final draft.  This picture is from my classroom last year. Sadly, (Sniff, sniff, tear….I can no longer staple such cuteness.) New school = No staples! Somehow, I have managed to survive. The pirates were original cut and paste works of art inspired by Mrs. Jump’s Class.

This is an example of one of last year’s finished writing samples.  The writing page we’ll use this year, looks a tad different cuter because admittedly…this one was made very quickly, at the last minute {gasp}!

photo 3

Enjoy, bloggy buddies and have a super Sunday!


  1. I LOVE the note from Maria! Do you want to be my blog BFF? j/k.

    I found you on TBTS and I'm your newest follower!


  2. Thank you! Bloggy BFFs are the best! Can't wait to get back to TBTS and catch up!


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