Sunday, January 27, 2013


If you recognize these guys, chances are you’ve become just as addicted to this show as I have! These guys are HI.LAR.I.OUS!!! The rerun marathons on A&E are the best! Did I mention they are laugh out loud funny!

I felt like they made a quick visit to our classroom last week!

photo 1

We have an awesome GT teacher on our campus that just so happens to be located on the first grade hallway. Wellll, once she got wind of us studying animal groups, she offered up a few goodies to share.  We had been comparing and contrasting animal groups. We had no idea by week’s end, we’d be comparing and contrasting them from the inside out!
The kids absolutely LOVED it! This was also a big step for me because I am not a huge animal lover. Don’t hold it against me. In fact, I have several, (mostly) irrational fears when it comes to animals, so for me to even use these items was a BIG STEP!

So as to not step too far out of my comfort zone, I had the GT students in my class share and deliver the lesson to explain all of the goodies! This was probably the best text-to-world connection we’ve made all year and they had a hap-py, hap-py, hap-py time!  We even visited {completely interrupted} my bestie’s class to share deer, hawk, raccoon, feathers, and skulls with her class too!

photo 5

We laughed, learned, and had a WILD TIME! That’s a fact, Jack! Lol!


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  1. Looks like my house - full of hides, skulls, and stuffed animals. My late husband was a trapper and hunter. I love sharing them with my class.


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