Monday, January 21, 2013

Let’s Catch Up & a FREEBIE!

Hi, Friends! How are ya?

I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday! While my family and I are enjoying the inauguration coverage, I thought I’d share what we’ve been up to in the classroom.

As we returned to start the new year, routines changed just a little.  Students are expected to do a little more independently and academics begin to move at a faster pace {because there’s so much to squeeze in}.

photo 2

One of the little things that changes is our morning work routine. During the first semester, students are expected to come in, unpack, read to self, then reflect on their book in a journal. As we’ve become more independent readers, morning work goes just a bit deeper. Now, in addition to checking in, they must also read and follow directions to complete specific tasks.  These tasks will take just a little longer and will spiral/review reading skills.

photo 3  photo 1

We’ve also begun focusing on long vowel patterns. Sneaky e has been a lot of fun! Along with it, we’ve introduced other long vowel patterns too. This little ‘long i’ discussion quickly turned into a doodling session…

photo 5

…that carried over into Science! I absolutely love when cross curricular connections are made! It makes the day at school such a snap when one idea crosses over from subject to subject! We’re currently engrossed in studying objects in the sky and were focused on what makes day and night last week. Hence our cute little snowmen…

These guys also took a long time to make, which was good……considering we also had to get through mid-year TPRI testing! Whew! I’m so glad that’s over! Now I can get back to the business of actively interacting with my kiddos…

photo 4

…because they’re head over heels in love with comparing and contrasting!  If your firsties might enjoy a quick activity to discuss what’s alike and different about day and night, click the pic below to grab the venn diagram we used.


Enjoy the rest of your holiday!



  1. Love your day & night comparing and contrasting freebie! We are working on the Sun and Moon Unit too. This is great!! Thanks
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

    1. Thanks, Crystal! Have a great week! =)


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