Saturday, March 2, 2013

Currently& FIVE for Friday~Seuss Edition!


Another month has come and gone (thank goodness).  You know what that means! It’s time for Currently over at Farley’s!  She should consider doing stand up on the side because she is seriously funny! =P

Well, let’s get on with it shall we?

I’m currently watching Breaking Dawn 2 for the second time! Have you ever watched a movie fully aware of what was going to happen and still smile and gasp through it like you’d never seen it!? It got to the end scene and I could barely hold my mouth closed! And immediately hit the menu button to watch it again!

I’ve enjoyed having this last week off from studying. It has come to a quick close with a welcome email from my professor for my next class. I can hardly believe I started working on a master’s and now I’m beginning my third class. Time flies!

I fell asleep last night without tying my hair up…let’s just say, you wouldn’t actually want to see what I currently look like, lol!

This break from studies has been nice, but I am truly r-e-a-d-y for spring break!  One more week….I think I can make it! {I think…………}

The sign says it all (see wanting…spring break)…. A good nap cures what ails ya. =)

This month came with a rule for liking, loving and hating…the three words had to begin with the same letter as my first name. Kinda tough! My first name is Tanya with an a, not an o….Tanya, T-a-n-y-a, Tanya. I like to talk, chat, gab away…..blah, blah, blah, lol! I’m a leo, we’re pretty outspoken. I’m loving Tuesdays! It’s become my new favorite day of the week because its the day I attend worship prep. There’s nothing quite like getting a good ole dose of being in the presence of God to help you make it through the week! Hate is such a strong word, BUT I hate tackiness…my little girl drives me insane because she carries herself like a little old lady. She’s so cute and it just drives me nuts that she could care less about what she looks like when she leaves the house. In the grand scheme of things, its irrelevant….but it drives me nuts all the same!

Yeah, it’s Saturday…..heheheee! I came home and crashed HARD yesterday, but didn’t want to miss a link up with Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching. Check out the pics from our fab celebration of Read Across America. We’ve got the best PTA volunteers on the planet! They pulled off a pretty rockin’ event!

Slide2 Aren’t these doors just adorable?


There’ll be no making of thneeds with these truffala trees!

                Slide4 Slide5

Quite obviously, this is the first fam of fun! I’m such a lucky teacher to have connections to real celebrities! Meeting the real Cat in the Hat and Lorax {wink, wink} was a blast!


And with the collective smiles of 3/5 of the crew that keeps grade ONEderful hoppin’ caught on camera, it was a wrap!
Thanks for sticking around and have a great weekend! I’m off to take one of those smallish naps! See ya!


  1. I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn 2 yet (and I've seen every other Twilight movie in the theater as soon as it came out). I'm need to buy the DVD asap!

    I love those Dr. Seuss doors!! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

    1. What? Run...don't walk, lol...and go get it! ;-)

  2. I am stopping by from Farley's March Currently. I'm your newest follower. It's funny because I'm comfy, cozy, and ready to watch Breaking Dawn part 2 right now....from your comments...I won't be disappointed :)

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Third Grade
    Stephanie Ann's TpT Store

  3. Wow - very impressive Seuss Day activities! I love the doors!

    I am ready for break, too. I slept in today which felt so good!

    Found you through Currently!

    Learning in the Little Apple

    1. Thanks! Our PTA moms did a fantastic job!

  4. Hope you had a great nap!!!
    GREAT Seuss Day pics!!!
    Growing Firsties

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Glad I got a good one in because today was a busy one! Whew! The coutdown to spring break begins tomorrow.....=)

  5. What a great activity! The doors and that little Lorax boy were cute! Thanks for sharing! Do you mind if I link back?

    1. Everything turned out soooo awesome! The more the merrier! Link away, my friend! ;-)


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