Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday~1st Week of Summer!!!

Hi, Friends! Hopefully, by this time most of you are enjoying your first few days of summer! This was our first week out and its been a busy one! Both kiddos have been involved in summer activities so this mama has yet to meet a morning without an alarm clock!


With them both having to be up and out of the house by 8, I’ve had a little time all to myself. THAT is absolutely unheard of….I am next to never without a kid by my side, so while I enjoyed it, it felt very strange! It seems like I’ve been a mama my whole life, lol….and most of the time my kids are with me. These few hours of alone time allowed me some time to reflect over the year we just wrapped up and squeeze in some much needed naps!

One of my sweet little wigglebottoms came to school every day of the last week with a note and picture for me. His mom later told me that he insisted on carrying a notepad everywhere just in case he decided to write me a letter. So sweet! It’s good to know I chose the right job! That little note is all the teacher evaluation I need, lol! *LOVE*!


By the time we got around to the last day, I was spoiled rotten with a lot of my favorite things! It always amazes me how attentive kids REALLY are. Even when it looks like they’re not paying a bit of attention, the truth of the matter is….they are. They notice everything! They notice what we wear, if our toes are painted, what our favorite colors are, what we snack on…if we feel well or not. AND most of all, they notice when we genuinely show concern for and build relationships with them.

I know I’ve said it a million times, but I love my class! They’re each a little reflection of all the reasons why I chose this profession and are uniquely special. A few I’ll always remember for being wigglebottoms, some because they’ll certainly grow up to be teachers, others for their wonderful smiles and loving nature, others because they challenged me to grow as a teacher. BUT each year, there’s always a kid….or two….that just get you, you know? Your personalities just mesh perfectly and you can just look at each other and have an entire conversation that no one else is in on except the two of you. Yep….I love my class and I’ll miss each one of them! The year may be over but they’ll always be one of “my kids”.


I’ll also miss them because I will be changing campuses next year. This meant I had to pack up ALL of my personal things to take home. {Insert…OMG, what?!!----------->here!} Yes, I had to pack up all of my personal teacher stuff. You know what that means….what started out with a little neat pile ended up looking like this…..


…..and MORE! The purple bins are still in the same spot, they’re just surrounded by LOTS of stuff. AND that’s not all, so when I got a chance to peek at my new classroom, I wasn’t worried one bit…


…about being in need of anything because I’ve got an entire classroom stored in my garage right now! I have also quietly admitted that I should probably be banned from Lakeshore Learning. I have just as much school furniture as I do home furnitire!

I’m beyond excited about the possibilities the new year will bring….{AFTER ENJOYING SUMMER BREAK}…..the room was used for storage this year, so most of what’s in there will be getting the boot come August. Did you notice how much wall space there is?! {Content sigh…} Thank you, Lord…I’ll have walls again! Walls to display our learning and walls that I can staple to create a warm, welcoming environment for my little school family. Walls that I can push a table up next to for stations work…walls that we can use for pocket charts to encourage independence…walls that….oh, you get the idea! I’m excited to have access to actual walls, lol!

As I prepare for our environment…here’s a sneak peek into what I’ll be reading to prep for learning….

Happy summer, y’all!




  1. I totally get how pleased you are with the walls! My classroom is almost all doors or windows or shelves or boards... I'd love to have some nice wall space to use!!

    I popped over to visit you from the linky. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. Tanya thanks for sharing such a sweet Five for Friday! I am your newest follower. Have a great summer!


  3. I love my walls too but someone put a big clock in the middle of one and a fire alarm in to the middle of the other! I hope you'll post a picture when you get your room put together! i agree, notes of appreciation mean way more to me than a gift. Happy weekend!

  4. LOVE "wigglebottom..." you are too cute, Tanya!!!
    :) Lisa
    Growing Firsties


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