Saturday, June 22, 2013

Five for Friday~Am I the ONLY one?

Hi, Friends! How are ya? Enjoying summer? Yep! Me too….so much so that I’m beginning to lose track of what day it is already!


Am I the only one that does this? Surely not! Between the extra naps, scoops of ice cream, and lazy evenings chatting out under shade trees, I’m sure those of us who’ve just gotten out of school REALLY don’t care what day it is, lol!!!

A friend of mine and I were talking about how we organize {or don’t} organize things and she told me I was just a little weird! The nerve! Heheheeee…’s why….


….because I keep my shoes in the boxes after I buy them. Ha! Am I the only one that does that? I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to clothes. I’ve yet to meet a clearance rack that I didn’t like, but my shoes are a different story. I don’t mind paying for comfort. After I’ve bought them, especially if they weren’t on sale, you’d best believe those little boogers are hanging out in their little box homes until I need them! If they come in a box, they’re staying in a box….=)

Another of my little quirks, esteemed qualities {smile} is that I love rainbow order! Like BIG PUFFY HEART *LOVE*…..Blame it on ROY G. BIV.  He’s one of my favorite book characters! My first few days of break were spent organizing my closet…


Don’t leave me hanging! If your OCD is on the same level as mine, leave a comment, show a little love before I really do begin to believe I’m weird! Ok….now, after I got my closet all organized, I hit the net for a little inspiration for my classroom decor.

I love the story ‘The Dot’ and initially planned to use it as a theme, until I found some cute little birdies on a branch over at Sonya DeHart’s. I fell in love with them and began incorporating them into my decor and 97 pages later came up with a little of this….


…and that…..


….AND THESE….!!!


Sonya even had some beautiful blossom clipart that matches my book boxes perfectly! Again…organization *LOVE*! After printing, prepping and checking to make sure the pieces of my little pack of goodies would fit their intended purposes, I am so happy with it! Chevron, birds, blossoms, chalkboard…..oh my! What’s not to love?  I CAN wait to use it, but will absolutely LOVE it when it’s all in place!

With that in mind, mind if I share it?!


Leave a comment below sharing one of your favorite ways of organizing or simply let me know that you obsess about keeping your shoes in the boxes or color coding your closet too, so I know I’m not alone! I’ll use random number generator one day early next week…say Tuesday~ish (06.25.13) to choose 3 winners. Sound like a plan? Feel free to pin away…….GO!

See ya on Tuesday!



  1. I really really wish I was as organized as you! The farthest I go with organization is using my Teacher Toolbox haha! My closet is a mess and my shoes are piled at the door. Send some organization inspiration my way!
    The Polished Teacher

  2. Okay so I would love to be super organized but I'm not except I like my lingerie drawer organized. :)

  3. Wow, your closet is huge! I confess, my closet is also in rainbow order. But I don't keep my shoes in their original boxes. I don't have room for that!

    In 4 more days I'll be free to lose track of the day of the week!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. I keep my dress shoes in their boxes other than that they get scrambled onto the floor or onto my shoe shelves. This reminds me of a Denise Richards' reality show episode from a few years back where her shoes were stored in fancy clear cases...not the Target kind but faaaancy ones! Those would be nice!


  5. No, I can't say that my closet looks like yours but I know I have my own OCD issues. Here is a little day my dad was visiting my home. I had left the living room and when I got back I noticed a small knick knack was slightly turned. I got up from the couch to move it back the way I liked it and my dad said, "It only took you 3 minutes to notice." He had moved it on purpose to see how long it took me to catch it. I definitely like things "just right" and I have things I like organized too. ;0)

  6. I love your organization! My closet is arranged by types of clothes: pants and jeans are at the end, shirts, blouses, and then dresses!

  7. Wow! You are very organized, me, not so much I am more comfortable in a little chaos. I know a whole family who has all of their closets in rainbow order, they have seven children.

  8. Love our organization because it reminds me of me! I organize my shoes by type and then by color. My clothes are organized by color and sleeve length (just like you). I LOVE it because it makes finding my clothes so much easier! Right?! Your classroom decor pack looks amazing! I love the colors and the clipart you chose!


  9. I am lost if I'm not organized. Shoes are all in containers (my 30+ pairs of flip-flops are hanging up in organizer too :-)) If you ask my teaching partner she would probably say I go overboard! lol

  10. Love your organizational skills! :) I am more organized at school than I am at home. New follower.

  11. I am just as "crazy" organized as you with my clothes. My husband thinks I'm crazy. For school, I have a ton of the drawers on wheels. I have one for Math manipulatives that I've created; one for Reading manipulatives that I've created, my art supplies are in two, and my construction paper is in one. I love having everything so neat.

    Have a great summer getting more organized :-)


  12. Thanks so much for the opportunity. At home I do have about 80 percent of my shoes in boxes. At school my children's book are very organized.

  13. i color code my closet too!!! my shoes are color coded on the shoe rack too.... my classroom organization is always a work in progress.

  14. This packet is adorable! I would love to use this in my classroom! My closet has always been the messiest part of my bedroom. I should definitely attempt to color code it! :)


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