Friday, August 17, 2012


Hi, Friends! How are ya?

Like a ref with a whistle, it’s official!  Today was the last day of summer! {Sigh…} The end of summer is always bittersweet. We’ve enjoyed the lazy days and wandering about as we wish, but just as soon as it came, now its also time for summer to go.

We’ve been working in the classroom for weeks.  Things are getting close to being done, so this weekend will be dedicated to some last minute fun!

photo 4

I’ve had that roll of paper propped against the cinder block wall hoping that somehow it will just jump up and hang itself! Enter the amazing Cara Carroll and her lifesaving tip!  She just moved into a room with cinder block walls and had the foresight to put painter’s tape on the back of the paper and hot glue the tape to the wall!

Can you say~GENIUS!?! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who she is, click here to read her fab post! The next time you see my library that little roll will will have found a home (on the wall).

DJ has  finally approved a gender neutral carpet.  I think he did a great job! Apparently, the pink & purple floral ones I kept picking out were not appealing to boys. The nerve….ha!

photo 1

I only have one cinder block wall. Sadly, we still cannot staple into the others.  Thank you, Target for feeling my pain.

photo 2

Cubbies are ready to go! I’ve got to add a little note to the take home bags and then they’ll be ready for kiddos! I was inspired by a photo at Liv to Teach to purchase these little guys.  My plan is to have students take their guided reading book home each night to read again.  I’m hoping {with fingers and toes crossed} that the sheer cuteness of these bags will encourage good care of the book inside and that they all continuously return to school.

Leave a comment with a tip or a great note resource, if you’ve been brave enough to try this before.  Thanks!


Want a great way to wrap up your summer?  Head over and  enter in the giveaway fun! Think…..oh, I won’t win! Stop it! You just might! I used to think that until I won 3 within a week’s time span. My head is still spinning!

I’m sure the UPS guy thought I was certifiable when he saw the grin on my face as he delivered my Easi Speak recorder!  Fluency testing will be much easier this year because of it.  I had a great time spending my TPT gift certificate too!

Dani is celebrating reaching 100+ followers and I’m telling you, you want to follow her blog.  She’s a techy phenom who  will share many amazing resources that you won’t want to miss!


400 Follower Giveaway

My TPT bud, Tammy, is celebrating reaching 400 followers at her absolutely adorable blog!  Bring out the bubbly! 

I’ve offered a choice of any 1 item from my TPT store as part of each of these giveaways.  Head on over and see what other awesome goodies you could win to use in your classroom this year.

Have fun! Later, Gator! =)

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