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Hi, Friends!  Today’s the day! As you’re traveling the blogosphere, you may see one, two, or a HUNDREDish bloggers participating in the The Magical Product Swap!  Thanks to brainchild, Mrs. Stanford at Mrs. Stanford’s Class, a bunch of us bloggers got together, swapped and shared in order to bring you some reviews of rockin’ products made FOR teachers BY teachers!


My partner for this swap was Kelli Eddleblute from Spotted in First Grade.  She currently teaches 1st grade in Ohio and has a love for all things kiddo.

Spotted in First Grade

Kelli shared her Grammar and Punctuation Book with me! This was the perfect product for me to get my hands on!

She was very thoughtful in designing it to be used one of two ways.  You can use each sheet individually to reinforce grammar and punctuation skills or have your students compile them to create a book! Genius!

A few examples of the rules included are:
  1. A sentence begins with a capital letter.
  2. The word I is always capitalized.
  3. The names of months begin with capital letters.
There are 25 rules {included} in all.

photo 1
Each page is formatted consistently the same way. There is a specific rule stated in a kid friendly way at the top for easy reference. Read it. Write it.  Illustrate it. Short. Sweet. Simple. *LOVE*

photo 3

I printed several pages for DJ to choose from.  Today he practiced Rule #9:  The names of the months begin with capital letters.  Hmmmm, he may have been trying to give me a hint with that one!

I think that grin tells the rest of the story.  This was a simple activity, great for reinforcing previously taught grammar and punctuation rules! …AND stamped kiddo approved! Thanks, Kelli!

Now, head on over to Kelli’s blog to see what product I swapped with her! It’ll be great to get your brain’s thinking about beginning the year!  Whatcha waiting for…..skidaddle!  Scoot!  Go see what it is!

Kelli is also a new blogger celebrating 50 followers with a giveaway! Show her a little bloggy love and if you like what you see…follow her and leave a comment to let her know you were there!  Have a great day, bloggy buds!

Enjoy the Swapportunity!


  1. hehehe love his hint and this product!! another thing added to my cart :)

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    ❤ I hope you enjoyed the swap & will join for the next one!! Check out my post for the link to the form :)

  2. What a great product!! DJ is so cute LOL. Love that grin...such a great helper! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Oh, I could definitely use this! Thanks for sharing! :)
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  4. awww DJ is too cute :), what a great helper!

    First Grade Journal


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