Friday, August 3, 2012


Meet Shuna, my VERY first guest blogger!

Hiya Peeps

Shuna P here from 

Pocket Full of Kinders!

* I am a rambler just so you know*

I am so happy that Tanya F.I.N.A.L.L.Y

let me guest blog over here

Pull up a seat and get comfy because I sure am!

Have y'all started back to school yet?

I have a few more days and I can't seem to get my rear end in gear

I lost my mojo somewhere

This summer I have done absolutely nothing! 

I had all these grand plans but laziness took over

So here I am with less than a week to go trying to get everything ready for the new school year

This is my classroom

Go ahead take it in

This is how my classroom looked when I walked in and 2 weeks later it still pretty much looks the 

same. I need to hire a detective to search for my mojo because I am in desperate need of it!

Here is a quick look of how my room looks so far

I was so not going to do a theme this year but I found this at Target

the plates were .10cents and the table covers were .50 cents!

So now I have a Hawaiian/Luau theme

Every year when I go into my room I have to bring lots of help

This is what happened to my help today

The victim: My little sis

She slipped

She fell

She slid

I L.A.U.G.H.E.D!


Really Hard


The culprit: A innocent little pocket chart

So this year I wanted to hang curtains

They came out really pretty

but I almost died in the process!

Why you ask?

Because I had to hang my curtains with this death trap

(excuse the head in the pic! I promise it is not mine)

The freakin ladder decided that it would break

While I was on it


The nerve of said ladder!

We did however get some things done

Here is a pic of my soon to be word wall

Here is a look at my bulletin boards

I used fabric to cover them and used a grass skirt that I cut and leis to cover them


Just because you waded your way through my rambles I decided to give you a little treat

I have managed to muster up a little bit of will power for ya

Here is a great game for those beginning first and second graders!

 I would love to see you over at my blog

See you there

Peace Out


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  1. Hi Shuna! Your posts always brings a smile to my face. Sounds like you and your sister had a challenging but fun day!
    Your room will look pretty when it's all done ... You've inspired me to do curtains, too!
    I couldn't get your freebie to link up. I'll go to your blog and see if its working there.
    Take care!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. Thank your Barbara

    I am sorry about the link here it is if you haven't gotten the freebie yet

    1. It's all linked up now! Thanks so much, Shuna! YOU're the best!


  3. Hi Shuna,
    I just started following your blog!! I love your string light lanterns the colors you've chosen for your room. I'm a semi newbie blogger and a friend from PT!! Stop by my blog for a visit sometime!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  4. I love your bulletin boards! The grass skirts are so cute! :) I'm a new follower!

  5. Love how your room is coming together! (I can't get in my room until next week)
    Your Roll and Add is adorable! You are so creative! :)
    Crayons and Curls


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