Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Before I get too far gone {into vacation}, I wanted to share with you how we finished out our year!

First…let me just say, that I have been completely obsessed with formatting my blog since I’ve been out, so its nice to take a “break” and share an idea or two with you!  Best wishes to my sweet friends that are still hanging in there counting down until summer vacation.

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We usually end the year with a dive into the ocean, however, this year…we took it a little bit further.  Rather than limiting ourselves we used a great resource to complete little research projects on animal habitats and biographies.  Do you use Pebblego at your school?

It’s a great research tool for young learners that is simple to use, very engaging, and packed full of great facts.  The kids just love it!

They worked as partners to research (at least) 3 facts about an animal habit of their choice.  After taking note of their facts and observing what the habitat looked like and consisted of, each student completed a writing to tell what they learned. Their habitat and the animals that live there were represented by creating a simple diorama.

  photo 3 photo 4

Wet lands, polar regions, rain forests, deserts & more….galore!

In the midst of wrapping it all up, there was also time set aside to share the year’s progress with parents. I just LOVE how much firsties grow within one little school year!


Click the pic to grab a little conference reminder for your files. 

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  2. I haven't heard of Pebblego before! That sounds great for animal habitat research projects!! It's hard to find good research tools for the little ones- usually it's all geared toward the older grades. Thanks also for the cute conference freebie!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure=

  3. I LOVE this idea! So cute! I think you may like some ideas on my site. Oh, and I'm doing a giveaway very soon so make sure you join my site!

    Kate :)


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