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Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? I always see great stuff for my classroom and wish that I had it. Have you ever seen one of the products from my TPT store and wish that you had it {fingers crossed}?  On your wish list, maybe??  Well, now you can. . .for FREE! I'm participating in the very first "Pin It To Win It" contest being held by a group of TPT sellers on Pinterest!

Head over to my Pinterest board titled "Pin It To Win It" and follow these steps:


On Friday, June 15th, I'll pick the winners!  The more the merrier! It’s just that easy! 

I’ve just added a new product to my store that I will be using to decorate my classroom next year. {Yes, I’ve been out a whole week and am already thinking of next year!}  I know, I know…take a break already! I can’t help it….and am sure this product will grow!

I love rainbows, but wanted a less traditional take on one…, my creative wheels got to turning and a glass of pink lemonade, a few peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and a slice of cheesecake later…..these 48 pages of striped rainbow cuteness were born!

Slide1 Slide2

In the spirit of this fun little contest…I will gladly share this little beauty with the first follower that leaves a loving comment and email address below to let me know what you think of it! Please be kind…because I’m so loving it right now! Hahaha!  But, don’t fret….if you’re not numero uno, its also on my “Pin it to Win it” board….and YOU may be the lucky ray of sunshine that wins it for F-R-E-E!

Kudos to Mel From the Pond for the contest graphic and Andrew from eatsleepandteach for being the brainchild behind this pinning fun!

Good luck and happy pinning, pals!


  1. This is too stinkin cute! Thank you for hosting this!

  2. I love the work that you have done on this. I am moving to kindergarten this year and would love to use this in my classroom. My e-mail is

  3. We are having a pin it to win it linky party. Please join at:

  4. To cute! Where did you get your striped backgrounds and your dotted line for the name plates?
    :) Dana
    Stop by & visit me at Fun in 1st Grade

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments! I loved reading promised, Sarah the file is on the way AND it has already grown a bit since I posted it here!

    @Dana...check out Alicia at Dreamlike Magic for cute digital goodies. After you insert a line to a document, just right click to format it from a solid line to your choice of dashed style. Hope this helps!

    Thanks again, ladies!

  6. IT WORKED!!!! I linked right to your page. Thanks for following me and leaving a comment on my blog. I'm heading over to your pin it to win it right now. My fingers are crossed that I win, your pack is adorable. Looking forward to some more great ideas.

    Simpson Superstars

  7. Hello!!! I can't wait to look over your blog! I am your newest follower!

    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First


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