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Hi, friends! I was awakened by that mean old alarm clock today and then promptly introduced it to my real friend…..the snooze button, lol!!! After coming to my early morning senses, I made it up and ventured out to pick up a few things.  I decided against the big sale that I had mentioned because I realized that I don’t need any BIG things!

I’m working on labels and decor that will be the perfect fit for my room and realized I only needed a few, cheap little things to pull it all together.

photo 2

…like our desktags.  These are the quick stick kind that don’t stay stuck! This year, I’m going to cover them with laminate film and see if that helps.  I also picked up some word strips for adding reading strategies to our CAFE board, plain boarder for the “rainbow” and my 5,677th pocket chart! I’m sure that I must have at least that many, if not more!

photo 4

Many of you that scrapbook may have one of these.  I’ve been eyeing one for awhile and finally decided to pick one up to help prep for back to school.  I will be our grade level leader this year and am working to prep all the little pieces of my room, so that when we go back I will have time to help the newbies coming onto our team.

photo 5

Now, I can print and cut a little faster.  It works with pages up to 17 inches in width. With this little addition, I think the home office (aka dining room table that I’ve taken over) is just about complete!  All I need now is a copier…oh, wait a minute…my crazy printer does that….{when it works}!

That ridonkulous thing actually STOPPED printing in the middle of a print job today to tell me that I needed to INSTALL a printer! Shut the front door! Say what??!!!!!!!! I took that as I sign that I should go take a nap!  AND, I did!

Back to the drawing board tomorrow…

Before I walked away, frustrated with it, I created this little mini-poster.  It matches the one that I made to describe the 3 Ways to Read a Book.  Just in case you missed it, you can click {here} to grab it.


It’s Freebie Friday, so be sure to grab this one too before you go!  I think my little follower counter thingy may be stuck, so if you REALLY like it….tell a friend to come over and follow today too! Let’s just double check to see if its still working?! :-)

You can also find it at Teaching My 3 where I’m guest blogging today! I’m discussing Chapter 2:  The Joy of Reading. Head over and check out what DJ and I did to explore the stages of reading development from Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl.

Teaching My 3

See ya you there!


  1. I'm not looking forward to dealing with that mean old alarm clock in a few weeks. Thanks for the good fit books poster!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I love the poster and have been hitting too many sales lately. I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit sometime!
    Reading Toward the Stars0

  3. Looks like you found some good items! I'm sure you totally needed that pocket chart! ....I mean, you can never have too many, right? That little cutter is not a bad idea! I feel like that would be a good thing to keep in my classroom to use on the fly...

    Miss J
    The Joy of Educating


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