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Yesterday, I told you I’d come back with another great giveway….well, are you ready for it?  This one’s for an awesome prize as well. Do you ever wish you could have an easy to use recording tool for fluency practice or assessment?

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If you have, you should visit my friend, Lori. The giveaway is super easy to enter and this is the tool that you could possibly win for your classroom!  Isn’t he a cutie?  Her Easi-Speak USB recorder giveaway is being sponsored by Learning Resources! ~Great stuff!


Be sure to check it out!

Is cutesifying a real word?

According to spell check, it most certainly isn’t.  Let’s create it, shall we? My blog isn’t the only thing that’s been on the list for cutesifying this summer.  This wonderful orange wall is a picture of my last painting project.  I love color and I’ve been adding some to my house one room at a time…

                     photo 3 photo 2

Like the doodles? That was the fun part!  And where did I get the idea, you ask?  Pinterest, of course, lol! Next on the list is my bedroom, IF I can figure out what color I’d want to use! My bathroom is a yummy mocha color…I’m thinking that I will probably just go a shade darker in my room. Nothing like waking up every day to the feel of being wrapped in chocolate!

photo 1

Before I was able to get ready for my room, I had to finish up a quick “let’s move things around” in Deja’s room.  This little bench used to sit right in front of her window.  It also used to be bright pink!  After moving it away from the window, it just faded right into the wall. We couldn’t have that! Enter watermelon….

photo 2

SPRAY PAINT…and voila, back to pink!  Part of my patio is now also pink…hopefully, the sprinklers will wash it away. This bench is probably much too small for her by now, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.  Hmmmmm….take it to school, you say?  Hahaha! Maybe!

photo 4

I also put this little guy together today.  That’s another of my little quirks. I like assembling things. These shelves, admittedly, are pretty easy to put together. It’s going to house our cd player and a choice of books on cd for Listen to Reading. 

Tomorrow is THE big sale at one of our local teacher stores, so I actually have set my alarm in order to get up early! Did I really just use the word alarm in a sentence related to me? Isn’t it still July? Grrrrr…after I set it, I saw this little funny and just had to share!

photo 3

Have a great day! I’ll be back to share the goodies I find and some freebies we’ll be using to setup The Daily 5 in our classroom.


  1. I love the color of that bench! Hopefully the concrete spray goes away soon!


  2. The doodles with the wall is a great accent! I love how that came out! Your bench also looks fantastic. You have been one busy lady!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Oh my gosh, I am ROTFL at that e-card! That is the best one I have ever seen:) Thanks for making my day, and that bench is too cute!


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