Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Rainbow Room


Hi, Friends!

I did it! I finally finished it! Well….I believe I have.  It’s done for now, lol! I’ve completed the labels that we will be using  to set up for the school year.  We still have about 4 weeks before we have to go back, BUT you know my mind is already on setting up the classroom.

photo 1

Last year, one of the things that my students enjoyed the most was a quick transition game we played called, “What’s the Password?”. As we entered the room throughout the day, they were required to read a word printed on the mini poster outside of our classroom door. The words were pulled from our sight word list for the week.

After lunch, it was done limbo style with my arm extended across the doorway.  They didn’t know it…..but playing this little game was also an incentive to hurry out of the bathroom, so we could move on with our day! Ha!


This is what our little mini poster will look like this year!  As I put this little set together, I tried to think of the basics we would need to start the year and worked from the doorway into the room….

{Stick with me, there’s something in it for you!}


….and voila! Word wall, cubby tags, table tags, calendar, book bin labels….oh my! Room 113 is ready to go! Do you think my students will pick up on the fact that I like pink?  It’s so funny, how quickly they get to know you. Luckily, its not just for girls anymore! I love the colors of this digital pack of paper.  It’s the rainbow, but with a calm color combo so that its not too overwhelming.  If you’ve never visited DreamLike Magic…stop by some time and check out what Alicia has to offer.  I love her work!

I missed Manic Monday this week, but didn’t want to leave you without a freebie, so I’ve prepped a part of our little classroom set to share with you! 


I saw this behavior clip chart on Pinterest.  You can check out a great Q&A post about it {here}.  It was created by Stephanie at 3rd Grade Thoughts.  I really appreciated the insight she shared about using the clip chart with Whole Brain Teaching in her classroom. 

I have not been trained on Whole Brain Teaching, but was in search of a positive way to address classroom behavior.  There are those days where the rainbow is a little harder to see than others!

This chart will allow for the opportunity of redemption and flexibility.  We all make mistakes.  What’s important is that we learn from them.  Each student will start the day on “ready to learn” and “clip up or down”, as warranted. Those that rise to the occasion, will go home with a simple sticker in their daily folder.  Those that don’t, will not.  Simple.

clip chart

This is what the chart we will be using will look like…..AND you can use it too! Click {here} to grab it and enjoy!  Thanks for sticking around allllll the way to the end! Be sure to check back often. It’s crunch time, so there will be many more back to school freebies to come!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Love your rainbow theme, and thanks for the freebie its great. I like the whole idea of promoting positive behavior......thanks

    First Grade Journal

  2. Your rainbow theme looks awesome!! I use What's the Password? for my class too & they have a lot of fun with it. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I LOOOVE that!!! You are so brilliant!


  4. We have to keep our doors locked during the day. Whenever a student comes back to the room and knocks on the door, I ask for the password. Most of the time they just roll their eyes at me. Some try to make one up. I think I'm taking this idea...the kiddos will love it!


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