Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My crazy computer is taking its break tonight so this post comes via the handy dandy iPhone. We've had an amazing first two days back at school this week! I've found some really great things over spring break that I'd love to share with you guys once old faithful decides to kick into high gear again!
We started the day with this story...This Is the Sunflower by Lola M. Shaefer. We carried the flower theme {gotta get those cross-curricula connections in as often as possible:-)} over to math while working with fact families....cutting and pasting petals 'til our little hearts were content. I walked around and differentiated their work by writing number groups on their desks with a dry erase marker. It comes right off with a magic eraser (I PROMISE)...they wrote the numbers on the flower and the four matching number sentences on the leaves. It took a while, but they had a blast and it was fun to see them help each other to make sure their number sentences were correct.

Later in the day, we continued with plants in science...we read One Bean by Anne Rockwell and began our own little experiment. I adore this little book because it basically tells you how to do the experiment step by step! I absolutely DO NOT have a green thumb so please wish my little firsties luck with growing their plants!

As we were taking turns planting our beans in soil and making observations in our journals, the kiddos also had an opportunity to explore the inside of the seed and identify its parts.  They were super excited to find that there actually IS a little plant in there just waiting to be nourished and GROW! We had so much fun, I almost wanted to break out in song...let it grow, let it grow!!! I'll have to download the Lorax's soundtrack before we make our next observation! :-)

 My back feels 1000 times better...thank you for the well wishes! I was so glad it felt better today because I had a chance to do the happy dance! One of my favorite people in the universe returned from a much deserved break!  She's an amazing parent~helper~buddy that prepares all of our work station materials each week and had been out of town for a few weeks.  I missed her sooooo much and was glad to see her smiling face walk into my room today! I could've  just squeezed her to pieces!

Well, bloggy buddies, have a wonderful Wednesday and blessings to YOU!


  1. First of all, I would like to tell you that the new look of your blog is amazing. The colors and design suit you perfectly.
    Second, this post is very profound and I want to thank you for reminding me of something that is key for so many parents (me included) to remember.
    "...there actually IS a little plant in there just waiting to be nourished and GROW!"

    Thank you for nourishing and helping MY 'little seed' to grow and to learn. There truly is so much potential in each child and given the opportunity and much needed guidance, they can and will grow into strong and successful students.
    You amaze me with your talents, energy and attitude...Thank you for all that you do.!

    I assure you, your helper buddy is glad to be back again!

  2. Lovely sunflower project with literacy, science, and math connection!

    Sorry to about your back...I take calcium and magnesium supplements every morning and night or I have major problems. Good luck!


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