Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This, that and a Cat with a Hat...

....I think we're just about done with that! Open house is tomorrow and we've been frantically cleaning and wrapping our room in "cutesie"! We got started with Dr. Suess on Friday and he trickled right on over into this's been a grand time, but I have to admit I've got to stop speaking in rhyme!

As promised, I've attached pics of a few of our Lorax drawings. One of my awesome coworkers shared her Truffala trees with us and just like that........out popped two in my room!! We used them as a shared writing activity about story structure.

Rhyme 1 and Rhyme 2 were a review of this week's spelling words and the Cat in the Hat drawings were....well, just plain ole fun! I'm adding this post via my handy dandy iPhone and wouldn't you know that the close ups that I took of our drawings are all upside down and sideways! I hate when my phone does that!  I'll email them to myself, twist 'em around and add them later because the eyelids are getting a little heavy.  They are totally BEYOND cute! You can see one pictured with the rhyming activity.  Have a thrilling Thursday! 2 more days 'til spring break, BUT who's counting............:-)

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