Monday, March 5, 2012

Yummy 3D Figures

Looking for a way to bring a little more fun to sides, vertices, height, width, and depth? Check out the 3D fun we had today! Our room was smelling especially yummy and the kids had a blast! Maybe one of you can give me some ideas on what to do with them now?!??

I left school and totally forgot to take a few snaps of The LORAX{es} we drew! They'll be hanging around for Open House later this week, so I'll put it on my running list of reminders...speaking of, what do you guys prep for the big parent visit?

I'm currently working on a packet of work station activities for after spring break, so keep a look out for them....4 more days, but who's counting? Ha! Gonna go tweak it a little more before beddie bye! Inspiration and I always seem to meet at night. I've got to do something about that! Have a terrific Tuesday!

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