Sunday, March 4, 2012

Suesstastical Celebration!

Wow! That about sums up our Friday! We had a blast reading, rhyming and creating the day away!

This weekend just wouldn't have been complete without going to see the movie! I LOVED every minute of it! My own little firstie and his big sis giggled through most of it too!

We did a "listen and do" activity to complete directed drawings of The Lorax, then extended to writing. Each student responded to the story making a text to self connection.  Their prompt was....YOU are responsible for the very last truffala seed!  Write to tell what you will do to make sure it grows.  The day ended before we were able to complete them, so I'll post pics of a few a little later. We'll be extending our discussion of The Lorax as we begin plants in science this week. If only there were real truffala seeds to plant! That would be perfect! Grab a copy of the flap book we'll be using below because before we plant we must know what each of those little parts will do to help our plants grow!  There is a full color version and a black & white option that your firsties can color to their liking.

A big thanks to all of my new followers. It gives me such a happy feeling to see my new blog on the block growing.  Please, share with a friend! I really appreciate the time you've taken to stop by AND join in the fun. It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I haven't added as much as I would like to yet, so there will be MUCH more to come! That darn clock just keeps on ticking away and I've got this little day job that summons each morning. :-) Thanks again! Happy teaching and blessings to you!

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