Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Break!!!

Ya.....HOoooooooOOooo!!! It's so nice to have a chance to rest and play a while. I'm not exactly sure why, but inspiration and I always seem to meet at night, when I should be fast asleep. Being that I can sleep in and have no particular place to go tomorrow, we can hang together for a bit.

After our day {that included taking spring pictures AND rain} flew by fast and furious, I headed back into my classroom to recover and found this little note left on my table.  It's so sweet that I wanted to share it with my bloggy buddies.

It's from one of my shyest little friends that very purposely never draws attention to himself and reads....

For Mrs. Dwyer, 
I will miss you, Mrs. Dwyer.  I hope to see you again...

It was a sweet, gentle reminder of why I LOVE my firsties so! This time is always a welcomed treat, but I hope he knows his teacher will miss him too....

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  1. Wow !! R U guys really on Spring Break? Just think of all the units you can get done!!!! just teasing, spend this quality time with your own children. Like I can talk!! A teacher's brain is in constant work mode.

    Please get some rest!


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